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Stroke Victims Offer New Hope to Smokers

New Insights on How to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


Westhampton Beach, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2007 --Inspired by a physician's disclosure that an impressive number of stroke victims have spontaneously stopped smoking, noted hypnosis author Richard Blumenthal has recorded a new quit smoking mp3. The hypnosis is a departure from the traditional aversion style approach taken by many quit smoking recordings, in which suggestions mainly portray smoking as an intensely unpleasant experience. Often a successful strategy, it seeks to develop a strong aversion to smoking in the mind of the person.

Blumenthal's new approach, however, takes its theme from the fact that following a stroke, certain patients who suffered damage to a specific area of the brain behaved as though they had never smoked, did not think of themselves as smokers and, therefore, did not crave or attempt to smoke, as though all memory of smoking was destroyed by the brain damaging stroke. According to Blumenthal, "If hypnosis suggestions are able to approximate the selective memory loss without the damage, perhaps the result would similarly be the lack of any thought to smoke at all. Smoking would no longer exist in the person's repertoire of behaviors." Idea driven changes to important memories is not without precedent. Selective memory loss sometimes occurs as a symptom of a psychological condition and not due to brain damage.

Mr. Blumenthal offers the new quit smoking hypnosis mp3 at his website, along side his previous quit smoking recording. The new hypnosis is entitled, "Forget You Ever Smoked".