Modern Tool For Icon Lovers Finds, Edits And Manages Icons, Supports New Microsoft Vista Icons


Krasnoyarsk-10, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2007 --IconLover 4.15 is a comprehensive suite of icon tools with a telling name. Essentially, it’s a full-cycle software package that takes care of anything and everything that has to do with icons and other types of small graphics.

First, IconLover 4.15 can be used to search PC for icons and cursors, including the ones inside executables. The software is also capable of extracting icons from other applications and libraries.

Second, IconLover 4.15 comes with a fully packaged icon editor can be used to create new icons or tweak the existing ones. The editor has a very familiar image-editor interface and a standard set of tools and effects, like drop shadow, opacity, smooth, negative, grayscale, colorize, rotate, roll and mirror. It can even be used to create animated icons.

Finally, IconLover 4.15 can be used as icon manager to take care of icon libraries and image lists. The application has an option to download icons from the Internet. There is also a batch processing option that allows users to apply effects or convert multiple icons at the same time.

The program converts all popular image file formats (including Adobe Photoshop PSD files) to icons or cursors and visa-versa. Folder icons and Mac OS icons (ICNS and RSRC files) are supported as well.

This fully supports Microsoft Vista icons and is capable of creating 265x256 icon files containing PGN images that are only 25 KB or less. This is very important, because new Microsoft Vista OS requires realistic 265x256 images that normally take up to 400 KB in Windows XP.

IconLover 4.15 is available at http://www.aha-soft.com/iconlover/ for free evaluation. The price of registering the program is 49.95 US Dollars

Aha-Soft is a well known maker of icon and cursor processing applications. Besides IconLover, the company developed and actively markets AhaView, Any to Icon, Icon to Any, ArtCursors, ArtIcons, ArtIcons Pro, CustomIcons, IconUtils and IconXP.

If you would like to get a comment, request a reviewer copy, have a businesses proposal, want to become an authorized reseller or have any other inquiry, please contact Aha-Soft support team.

System Requirements

• Operating system: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP
• RAM: 64 MB
• Hard Disk: 8 MB

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