Swami Systems

Do More With iTunes - The First Music Automator and Playlist Generator for Your PC


Hood River, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2007 --Hood River based Swami Systems LLC announces the launch of their latest software called "Bossa". Bossa lets you do more with iTunes. With the Bossa Automator you can automate your music and schedule what you want to hear. Bossa’s built-in timer allows you to easily automate your music on a daily or weekly schedule. Generate timed Playlists for your iPod by selecting what music you want to hear and for how long you want to hear it. The Bossa Generator lets you make a playlist up to 24 hours long. The Bossa Lab downloads Tags and Selectors for your music. The Lab also allows you to view the latest artist pictures of the music you're playing as well as information about the artist’s through Wikipedia. Bossa…….take control of your music.

Bossa has 6 incredible built-in features:

1. The Automator - This is Bossa's built-in Timer. Schedule your music for when you want to hear it and how you want to hear it.

2. The Generator - Generate a timed playlist by selecting what to hear and for how long. With the Generator you can make a playlist up to 24 hours long.

3. The Lab - Bossa's kitchen. Find selectors, pictures and information about your music. Organize and easily view all your music in the Bossa Lab.

4. The Player - Bossa's Jukebox lets you easily play your music, view and organize upcoming songs and get more artist information via the Bossa Lab.

5. The Selector - Quickly find the music you want to hear or schedule by clicking on the Selector icon and then the Genre, Albums or Artists you want to hear.

6. The Mix - Allows you to save your selections to a Mix for later use. Easily pull your Mix into the Automator and Generator when you’re ready to use them in your schedule or playlist.

Bossa is loaded with features that allow you to take control of your music. Play what you want, when you want. With just one click you can be in charge of your iTunes Music on your computer. Check out Bossa online at www.mybossa.com

Swami Systems LLC are Hood River, Oregon residents, Barry Paul and Michael van Sisseren. They are both huge music and outdoor sports enthusiasts. They met in a Yoga class and started brainstorming software ideas over double lattes after class. Their coffee meetings were all about ways to handle their ever growing music collections on their computers. They found, just like everyone else, that their hard drives were getting bigger and bigger and their music collections had grown from hundreds of songs to thousands and thousands of songs. That's how they came up with Bossa; the first application that makes playing, retrieving, scheduling and organizing music as easy as one click.

Besides their work on Bossa, Swami Systems is constantly working on new software ideas and products for enhancing and simplifying our lives.