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New Software Will Allow Police to Take Citizen Complaints-Police Reports Online Including Mobile Devices

Now citizens can contact police and submit complaints and police reports online and from mobile devices, saving time, money, and manpower; while at the same time ensuring a quicker, more accurate police response.


Stateline, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2007 --If you’ve ever had to call the police for something minor, then you know the drill: A citizen calls the police with a relatively minor complaint (barking dog, prank phone calls, minor vandalism, etc), and the police send someone out within a few hours or even days to ask questions and gather the facts. Typically, an investigation is not done then and there – the officer is merely present to gather the “who, what, where, and when.” Then the officer takes this information back to the station and, if warranted, an investigation begins.

This same scene is played out thousands of times every day all across America.

Imagine if instead of a citizen waiting hours for a police officer, they could report the general facts directly to the police using their personal computer or any mobile device. And imagine the lessened burden on police if they didn’t have to always send a uniformed officer out to simply gather the facts. All of this is possible with a new online service named BobCOP.

In simple terms, BobCOP is a service that allows police and law enforcement agencies to setup a simple, personalized website that citizens can directly report crimes to. The software has a multitude of functions, from alerts to searches to robust database features and storage. It’s also amazingly simple to use, for both the police agency, and the citizen. Run remotely or in-house, BobCOP is an extremely effective way for law enforcement to truly take advantage of the power and interactivity of the Internet and mobile communications.

It’s also a way to save millions of dollars and man-hours. No more sending uniformed officers out to simply gather names, locations, and details. BobCOP does the same job in an elegant and simple fashion.

Retired officer Bob Swinford sees BobCOP as an industry-changing tool: “The simple fact of police work is that a lot of time is spent just taking names and phone numbers.” says Swinford “Of course, while there are plenty of crimes where a uniformed officer is absolutely needed, there are thousands of times when one is really not. BobCOP can save millions by allowing citizens to directly report these types of crimes. It’s just a better way.”

Samuel Anderson, Managing Partner of TekBrokers VENTURES LLC, the developers of BobCOP, agrees: “The ability of citizens to better report crimes is not only a huge convenience to everyone, it also ensures better accuracy. Once several hours pass waiting for an officer, some details may have been lost. BobCOP eliminates that by allowing a citizen instant access to their local police department from any computer or mobile device.”

More information about BobCOP can be found at www.bobcop.com.

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