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Safe Surrender Site Program Gets a New Online Face, Seeks Volunteers

Leading the fight against infant abandonment, a new non-profit website introduces a searchable national database for infant / newborn Safe Surrender Sites, and seeks others who want to help.


Stateline, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2007 --Samuel Anderson remembers the dentist visit like it was yesterday: “Several years ago, I went to the dentist the day after Christmas. Instead of the usual chit-chat, my dentist told me of an abandoned newborn he found in the trash bin at one of the apartment buildings he owns. Needless to say, that pained me a lot more than the filling I got.”

Anderson, the owner and managing partner of venture capital and technology firm Tekbrokers VENTURES LLC, immediately knew he had to do something. "After hearing that story it just hit me...I got mad. I just couldn't think of such a thing happening and why doesn't anyone have anything in place for newborn infants to be safe?"

A little research by Anderson revealed that yes; many states were incorporating “Safe Haven” or “Safe Surrender” laws, where a new parent could drop off an unwanted newborn at designated locations with no shame, no penalty, and no names given. It seemed to be a good step, but Anderson still had a nagging question – how would people find these “designated locations”?

As luck would have it, Anderson’s company was already in the process of developing a national searchable database for employers – could the same technology be used to create a simple, national database of “Safe Surrender Sites”? After many thousands hours of work, the answer was a resounding “yes”, and Anderson recently launched his new website, sports a growing national database of official “Safe Surrender” locations, and also offers plenty of information on the subject. The site is non-profit, and is run by Anderson, a board of directors and a small group of volunteers. But the site needs more.

“In simple terms, we need help” says Anderson “Be it financial, which is always very much needed and appreciated; or a donation of time, resources, and/or skills, we need people to get involved with this most worthy of causes. Even if you can only send us a dollar, that’s great. If you can send us a dollar, and help us find the official Safe Surrender Locations in your area, all the better. This is a huge, expensive undertaking, and it won’t work unless people who care come aboard.”

Writer Dan Furman is one person who’s answered the call. Furman donates his writing talent to assist the company in marketing and getting their message out. “I don’t have much free time” says Furman, who runs a writing service at “However, I find this an incredibly worthy cause, and am happy to help by donating a few hours. Plus, Sam is super-busy too, so if he can be tireless regarding this, so can I. So can anyone, for that matter.”

More information can be found at, or by calling Samuel Anderson at 1-775-580-9900.

About Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC.
Samuel Anderson is the Managing Partner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, which develops cutting edge products and puts patient, intelligent and experienced capital to work. Amongst their products are ComAlert emergency alert system, and the online police reporting service BobCOP. They have also released the online download application of The Child ID Kit.