MailFoundry Announces Aggressive Anti-Spam Licensing OEM Program


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/06/2007 --MailFoundry, the world’s smartest anti-spam solution, today has announced that it will license its MessageIQ 3.0 anti-spam engine for deployment in network appliances, routers, email servers, desktop systems and hosted services.

“MessageIQ is the most advanced and capable anti-spam engine on the market today which easily defeats all types of spam, including the hard to kill image spam that competing anti-spam solutions have such a difficult time with. Today we’re making this technology available for license for the first time ever,” said David Troup, CEO and founder of MailFoundry. “MessageIQ will enable our licensees to easily add email filtering capabilities into their products and solutions with the industry’s most aggressive cost structure.”

Message IQ 3.0 is the anti-spam industry’s latest generation of spam killing technology that isn’t plagued by learning heuristics, spam spoofing and image spam that easily slips past other systems. MessageIQ is the only anti-spam engine with RedListing technology that works on the network level to defeat spammer’s botnets with zero false positives and 100% effectiveness.

MessageIQ does not use any heuristics or “learning” technology such as those found in most commercial and open source based anti-spam systems. MessageIQ targets identified spam with smart anti-spam profiles. As a result, MessageIQ doesn’t guess at spam, it knows spam. This capability gives MailFoundry the highest real world kill rates with the industry’s lowest false positive rates all while operating in a hands-off mode by system administrators.

“MessageIQ is ideally suited for network appliances, firewalls, routers, email servers, and integration into hosted services,” said Troup. “MessageIQ’s anti-spam profiles are updated every 5 minutes to ensure that MessageIQ powered products have the most up to date profiles to defeat spam across the ever evolving email threat landscape.”

With its small CPU and memory footprint and high-speed email processing capabilities, MessageIQ will give OEM’s increased capabilities with existing hardware platforms.This will increase the number of email messages that can be filtered per second and breathe new life into older anti-spam solutions that are bogged down under the ever increasing spam loads.

“We won’t rest until we eradicate spam from all inboxes and return email back to being the preferred killer communications medium on the internet,” exclaimed Troup. “To that effect, we’re pricing our OEM program to aggressively dominate the growing anti-spam market and our goal is to put MessageIQ into the majority of email solutions globally in the next 18 months.”

MailFoundry is a leading provider of anti-spam appliances and subscription services based on smart spam profiles that protect more than ten million email addresses world-wide. MailFoundry’s line of network appliances protect 250 to 30,000 users per unit and each come with a free 30-day trial.

OEM’s interested in more information about the program can inquire via the MailFoundry website at, by calling 888-302-MAIL or by sending an email to

MailFoundry is exhibiting at the RSA Security Show in San Francisco February 5-8 at booth 519. Please direct press inquires to