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SmartLock Driverless Software Protection USB Dongle Released

Sabadille Systems announces the release of the SmartLock USB Hardware Lock Dongle for USA & EMEA – Pure & Simple Protection from Software Piracy


Deveze, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2007 --Software piracy is everywhere. According to a study commissioned by the Business Software Alliance, it has resulted in a loss of some $34 billion worldwide in 2005, a $1.6 billion increase over 2004. While there are many software-based license protection mechanisms to combat piracy, the most secure and flexible solution for software publishers is the hardware lock dongle.

Already a market leading product in the Far East, the SmartLock USB Hardware Lock Dongle for software protection has been released for USA & EMEA. SmartLock provides software publishers with strong copy protection and therefore secure licensing. Its driverless operation provides ease-of-use and dramatically reduces support costs.

“Based on a unique fully programmable CPU smart circuit technology, SmartLock offers an extensive collection of sample code and its ease of integration has made it a product of choice with software developers,” explains John Slattery, SmartLock Product Manager, Sabadille Systems. “SmartLock provides an advanced technology at a very competitive price. This is why more and more software publishers use SmartLock to protect their revenues.”

About Sabadille Systems
For many years Sabadille Systems has been the informed choice for those who want superior security solutions. Our software piracy protection product SmartLock has been designed from the perspective of the customer. SmartLock provides a real solution for real customer problems - sofware piracy and lost revenue - and this customer focus represents the guiding principle behind everything that we do.

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