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Ray 2.3 Community Widget Suite - in a Higher Class


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2007 --Today, Boonex Community Software Experts announces the release of the new Ray Community Widget Suite version 2.3.

Before, Ray included six widgets in one main package. From this point forward, the new Ray version is split into separate widgets: Audio/Video Chat, Audio/Video Instant Messenger (IM), Audio/Video Recorder, Web Presence, MP3 Player and Desktop Application (with the ability to integrate Chat and IM).

Boonex has increased prices, since Ray has moved to a higher class. Higher class means improved structure, a polished administration system, enhanced performance, modern new features, fixed bugs and more.

Now, users (not only admin) can change languages and skins in all widgets

Users can track who's viewing their video streaming
Uploaded video files management for administrators
File transfers in Instant Messenger
Improved emoticons positioning
Full-featured Ray Chat integrated into Ray Desktop
Conversation log in Instant Messenger and Chat
Ray Media Server for Microsoft Windows Server OSs

Ray has become more stable and more functional than ever, and Boonex is going to improve each widget separately. It is absolutely unmatched by the competition - granting complete control and an unprecedented list of features that just work. Complete control means that customers purchase Ray once and host it anywhere without any restrictions or monthly fees, thereby improving the bottom line numbers.

Accessibility, communicability and simplicity of use are now wrapped up in modular style packages that can be deployed when the customer feels necessary. This unique software package is in its fifth iteration since the first version was launched, and has undergone continual improvement since that time. Customer demand drove the move to break the full suite into separate self contained modules which can be “plugged in” to enhance a site’s usefulness instead of acquiring all of the different functions. As a result, the webmaster or site owner can now select only the features that they wish to use and not be troubled with downloading, installing and enabling software that they would seldom or ever use for their particular application. They are now free to arrange their site more to the needs of their membership.

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