The Legends of Mernac

Legends of Mernac Launches Digital Art Contest, “Battle for Traddlebow Character Tournament” with $500.00 Grand Prize Hosts Digital Art Contest Open to Public


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2007 --Legends of Mernac announced today the launch of yet another innovative contest, “Battle for Traddlebow Character Tournament”. LoM is sponsoring the $500.00 Grand Prize along with other sponsors such as Daz 3D. The BFT Tournament is FREE to enter, open to the public, and all forms of digital art are accepted. This contest was constructed around another recent groundbreaking event involving an international collaboration of short-stories, set around a specific battle in the fantasy world of Mernac. Amateur authors from around the world each wrote a short-story from a specific character’s perspective of events during this tumultuous period of Mernac history. This inspired challenge proved a successful venture for participating flourishing fiction authors, awarding them their first publication upon completion of the anthology. The new art “BFT Character Tournament” has been designed to illustrate the intriguing characters created during the collaborative write-in challenge.

Requirements to enter include; participants must register with (free), entries must be submitted to a published BFT story depicting that character in a scene from the battle, and be submitted in a format acceptable for printing on merchandise. All entries are eligible to be sold in the LoM Store, with 70% of all profits paid as royalties to the artists. The winner will be determined by a panel of Mernac Gods and special Guest Judge Drew Daniels of Daz 3D.

“Excitement in the art community is soaring with this new challenge,” says Rick Merriman, founder of LoM. “Our last big art contest drew in over two hundred entries, the quality of which you wouldn’t believe! I really look forward to seeing how artists will demonstrate their ever-evolving talent.”

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