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Righteous Software Announced Today It Will Begin Marketing Its Backup Server Products Under the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Server Brand

Righteous Software Lays Groundwork for Continuous Data Protection Product Line


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2007 --Righteous Software (http://www.r1soft.com), a developer of disk-based backup solutions, announced today it will soon begin marketing its innovative backup technology under the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Server brand. Its products are currently sold under the Righteous Software header.

The branding shift will be unveiled in phases throughout the coming months. In late January, the company plans to roll out a new version of its Web site bearing the CDP name, and in February it plans to release its much anticipated Continuous Data Protection support for Windows servers.

“As a relatively new technology, Continuous Data Protection represents a market that is emerging and rapidly making its way to the Information Technology mainstream,” said David Wartell, Righteous Software founder and CEO. “It is important that Righteous Software positions itself to remain a highly competitive and leading solutions provider in the coming months and years.”

Currently, both Microsoft DPM and Symantec’s Backup Exec provide similar CDP solutions for the Windows market, which Righteous Software hopes to counter with its February release. In the Linux market, however, Righteous Software is the only company offering genuine CDP solutions.

Righteous Software’s CDP products diverge significantly from traditional backup technologies, which essentially copy files at intervals from hard disks to another medium, such as a tape drive. These methods often only provide data protection on a daily or weekly basis, resulting in large losses of data in the event of a disaster. Righteous Software’s CDP Server, however, monitors changes to the disk as they happen, thereby reducing backup periods to seconds or minutes. It also affords even busy servers a significantly higher level of reliability in the event of a disaster, without the consumption of a large amount of system resources.

“The difference between our backup solutions and traditional methods is quite significant. With Righteous CDP Server, our clients can create in excess of one-hundred recovery points per day—and in a disaster situation, this can result in only minutes of lost data, as opposed to days or even weeks. For many corporations, this literally represent savings in the millions of dollars,” said Wartell.

Righteous Software currently produces Continuous Data Protection solutions designed for data centers, Web hosting providers, and other firms using Linux servers.

For more information about Righteous Software, please visit http://www.r1soft.com or call 1-800-956-6198.

About Righteous Software
Founded in 2003, Righteous Software is a provider of continuous data protection software. Offering low cost, scalable and high-performance products, the company has quickly been recognized by industry leaders as the standard for Linux data protection.