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Automate Your Desktop with Workspace Macro Pro and Make Your life Easier


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2007 --Tethys Solutions, LLC has released Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.5, an easy-to-use Windows automation software and macro recorder that automate your desktop and simplify your life. Unlike ordinary macro programs that require programming by sophisticated users, Workspace Macro Pro allows novice users to become more productive immediately. If you can fill out a form, you can use Workspace Macro Pro to breeze your way through repetitive computer tasks.

Using an easy, intuitive process, Workspace Macro Pro lets you capture repetitive keyboard and mouse activities, turn them into scripts, and make them available for later playback. If there are routinely performed actions like generating reports, checking inventory, login to websites or phrases and passwords that you type often, just record it in into Workspace Macro Pro once and assign it a hotkey. Replay these repetitive tasks anytime, anywhere using a single click saving you hours of your life. In addition to saving time and lowering frustration, the program also eliminates errors. If you record your actions and information into Workspace Macro Pro, the program will play it back flawlessly, time after time.

Put your computer system maintenance in auto-pilot mode with new Workspace Macro Pro 6.5. In just minutes you can create & schedule macros that clean Internet cookies, clear your cache of temporary files, defragment the hard disk, run a spyware remover program, etc at pre-defined times and keep your computer running at optimal performance. Workspace Macro Pro can also work with other leading utility software on your computer to aid in system maintenance.

As users become more familiar they can quickly use Workspace Macro Pro to create complex time-saving macros without any programming. Workspace Macro Pro has all the features that you'd expect in a high-end Windows macro program. Power users will appreciate the program's macro editing capabilities, repeat options, easy-to-learn macro actions, turbo-speed macro replay, enhanced macro management, IE plug-in feature, customizable interface and single click scheduling.

Workspace Macro Pro provides enterprise-class reliability and accuracy, plus many advanced keyboard and mouse macro features. By taking repetitive tasks out of workers' hands and delegating them to Workspace Macro Pro, productivity and morale go up, while errors and wasted time go down. The program can automate and schedule business operations, and reduce data entry time.

"Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.5 runs under Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003, costs $39.95(US) for a personal license or $64.95 for a business license, and may be ordered securely online from http://www.tethyssolutions.com/wmp-order1.htm. Multi-user discounts are available. You can download a free trial version from http://www.tethyssolutions.com/macro-automation.htm. For more information, contact Tethys Solutions, LLC, PO Box 24073, San Jose, CA 95154-4073 USA. URL: http://www.tethyssolutions.com/ Phone: (408) 340-1956.

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About Tethys Solutions, LLC:

Tethys Solutions, LLC offers reliable and smart automation software solutions. Tethys' satisfied customers include a full range of users from Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of entrepreneurial startups and small business users, power plant operators and auction houses, homemakers, financial advisors, and educators. In addition to Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition 6.5, the company also offers Launch-n-Go, an easy-to-use multi-function program that lets you use hotkeys and keywords for instant access to nearly everything on your computer; and Automation Anywhere 3.0, an intelligent Windows automation software for business and IT tasks.