MON.ITOR.US Opens its Platform for Developers


Yerevan, Armenia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2007 --MON.ITOR.US, a leading provider of global web key performance indicators (KPI) monitoring, as a part of its strategy to deliver the most complete and innovative website monitoring and management experience, opens its platform for developers . This will enable developers around the world to extend or build their own applications on top of the powerful monitoring platform via a new community portal,

MON.ITOR.US empowers the open source community through its portal by offering an open API (Application Programming Interface) and open sourcing its components. It is providing toolsets and a location to manage and distribute new community developments in order to benefit all MON.ITOR.US users. The portal is designed to be a primary destination for collaboration, advancement and innovation in the systems management and monitoring area. Developers are encouraged to build new extensions, modules, as well as localized or specialized applications. In addition, MON.ITOR.US opens the source code of its widgets which enables developers to learn and enhance them collectively.

Using developers can register, request and start new projects, manage mailing lists, maintain access to the version control system SVN, run forums, wikis, and documentation, and release and distribute new modules. Monitis offers public access to project contributions, top project listings, project tree management, community member insights, code snippets, and project openings related to MON.ITOR.US.

“We are dedicated to putting users in control”, explains Hovhannes Avoyan, the CEO. “We want to unlock the creativity and ideas of developers around the world to build innovative web management and monitoring applications”.

MON.ITOR.US is a leading provider of global monitoring solutions for websites and networks that make key performance indicators of websites, web applications and other network resources completely visible to managers, thereby reducing the risk of revenue losses. The service offers error detection, alert notification, detailed uptime and performance reports, real time snapshot views, and web site traffic analysis. It currently has over 4,000 users and monitors over 20,000 sites.

Sourcio ( launched the service in March 2006 during the gigantic CeBIT IT Expo in Hanover, Germany. Sourcio is a privately owned IT service company specializing in open source and e-business solutions.