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DeviceLock End-Point Security Software Blocks USB Keyloggers and Gives IT Departments Control and Audit Capabilities Needed to Allow Safe Use of USB Flash Drives


San Ramon, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2007 --SmartLine Inc. announced the general availability of DeviceLock v6.1, end-point security software that prevents employees from using their corporate and personal computing resources to siphon off valued information beyond the scope of their jobs and outside the guidelines of IT security policy.

DeviceLock controls and audits activity at all peripheral ports and removable device interfaces on Windows-based computers natively via Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO) and/or DeviceLock management console. With DeviceLock, administrators have precision control over which users and groups have what level of access to which devices on which computers and when that access is allowed. DeviceLock discretely manages any peripheral port and device interface with its layered security architecture and White List options, ensuring that even users with local computer administrator rights cannot tamper with policy enforcement.

With version 6.1, DeviceLock has a new option for handling audit records likely to be preferred by auditors and compliance professionals. To achieve a level of security and non-repudiation beyond that possible using the standard Windows Event Log alone, administrators can now configure DeviceLock to save audit records locally in protected format and collect audit records and store them centrally on a DeviceLock Enterprise Server. And with DeviceLock security features activated, these audit logs cannot be edited, deleted or otherwise tampered with, even by users with local admin privileges.

DeviceLock 6.1 can also detect USB keyloggers and block any keyboards connected to them. Attached between a keyboard and a computer, keyloggers are small hardware devices that record every keystroke typed on the keyboard by an unsuspecting user. Culprits who attach keyloggers to systems typically are looking to steal sensitive data, such as passwords and IDs, as well as other personal or proprietary information. In addition to the keylogger detection feature to root out this escalating USB-based threat, the latest version of DeviceLock comes packed with other new capabilities, such as blocking of external USB hubs.

A new Policy Template feature in DeviceLock allows administrators to establish a policy file that can be saved, exported and imported for later use with any DeviceLock console. To avoid tampering, these templates can be signed with DeviceLock Certificates.

DeviceLock now also supports Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) reporting and Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for managing network traffic. Administrators can use the standard Windows RSoP snap-in to view the DeviceLock policy currently being applied, as well as to predict what policy would be applied in a given situation.

DeviceLock 6.1 is available immediately. Prices begin at $35 (US) for a single-computer license, or $7,400 for managing 1,000 computers. Discounts are available at several volume levels and for educational institutions. A free, fully functional demo is available for download at

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