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Author Offers Tips On How To Keep Love Alive After The Romance

MIDWINTER TURNS TO SPRING Provides Insights On How To Keep The Love Alive After The Infatuation Has Cooled


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/21/2007 --Relationship expert Maria Veloso is offering tips on how to keep love alive in a relationship after the infatuation has cooled in her new book, MIDWINTER TURNS TO SPRING (Think Outside The Book Publishing, ISBN 0-9770751-0-9). Veloso adopts a storytelling technique when offering relationship advice in her novel, which has been compared to THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY. The book comes with an accompanying music soundtrack CD of songs written by the author and performed by the artist, Zendrik. This is unique in that it is currently the only book available that offers a music soundtrack that coincides with the story.

“I have found that when people seek solutions to their relationship problems, they respond better to a story than they do to typical therapy sessions or textbook instructions,” said Veloso. “One of the major reasons for failed marriages and relationships is that couples do not understand how to keep the love alive after the initial infatuation has disappeared. MIDWINTER TURNS TO SPRING is written to help couples keep the love from fading away.”

MIDWINTER TURNS TO SPRING explores the nature of love that endures long after the frills of romance and infatuation have fallen away. It also speculates the outcomes of paths taken and not taken, as well as the punishments and rewards of those that choose to love. It is rich in hidden meanings, metaphors and deep spiritual insights that keep delivering well after the story ends.

MIDWINTER TURNS TO SPRING is the story of Cassidy Hamilton, a San Francisco woman, who moves into a Victorian apartment, and discovers a hidden drawer tucked behind the baseboard of a built-in china cabinet. Inside the drawer is the journal of Savannah Curtis, a woman who lived in the same Victorian apartment twenty-six years earlier.

The journal reveals the story of Alfonso Madrigál, a Spanish flamenco guitarist, who meets Savannah, an artist and art appraiser, when he seeks to authenticate a painting that is thought to be the work of Pablo Picasso – a painting that has a mysterious pentimento that’s just beginning to resurface. Neither of them is looking for the other, and yet when Alfonso Madrigál finds himself attending Savannah’s art lecture one Indian summer in 1977, events from that day forward conspire to irretrievably change both their lives—and the lives of those who knew them.

More information about the book and author can be found at In addition to general information, the author is offering a free guide she has written, “Love Isn't Something That Just Happens to You – It's a Conscious Choice!” which is available at the website.