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Oral Care For Those That Hate To Brush And Never Really Floss

Oral care has come a long way from the manual tooth brush. However, most individuals still find it difficult to maintain the regimen recommended by the American Dental Association.


Holland, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2007 --A brushless electrical appliance has been developed that will give encouragement to those that hate to brush their teeth and really never floss. The new technology has undergone clinical studies, been tested by independent dentists and laboratories, and been approved for marketing by the FDA. Dental Air Force® will power wash teeth, between teeth and along the gum line. The unit uses a compressor to spray air, water and cleaner out of a small tip that can be rotated to access all surfaces in the mouth. Individual color-coded tips snap on and off for different users.

Hand and powered tooth brushing causes toothbrush abrasion along the gum line and sensitivity to hot and cold. This system will not cause ridges or destroy enamel. Because of its spray, it is said to be particularly effective on orthodontic appliances, crowns and bridges, where a toothbrush cannot access.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day to control bacteria and plaque. Yet, only 5% of adults floss daily. In addition, The Journal of Clinical Periodontology reports that within those 5% of people who do floss, only 18 – 35% of the plaque between their teeth is removed. Studies show that Dental Air Force combines daily teeth cleaning and flossing into one step and removes 62.5% more plaque between teeth than the power toothbrush.

Some ingredients in tooth paste cause cheek, gum and tongue irritation. The cleaner used in this system is pure odor-eating, neutralizing baking soda with mint flavoring. The single dose cleaner cups provide convenience. Each cup lasts approximately two minutes, allowing no guess work as to the optimum time to spend cleaning the teeth.

The water bottle can actually become a delivery system for the prescription chlorhexidine gluconate, used by patients with periodontal disease. Or when used with hydrogen peroxide, the system becomes a home whitening device.

“After testing the Dental Air Force® for two months and discussing it with my dentist, I am convinced that it is an effective alternative to brushing and flossing in establishing and maintaining oral health and white teeth”, says Lyle Hurd, Editor of TotalHealth magazine.

Dr. Piero, a practicing dentist for over twenty years, is the inventor of Dental Air Force®.

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