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4 Reasons Stay At Home Moms Should Consider Having A Home Business

Success coach and mentor Mick Lolekonda shares 4 reasons stay at home moms should consider a part-time internet business. And how the "ThisHelpsPeople" system can be the right fit.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2007 --As more women increasingly start their own businesses, the number of stay at home moms in this industry increases. Including those choosing to trade their business suits for more casual clothing in order to be with their families. And the home business industry is a great indicator that there are stay at home moms looking for business and moms work at home too.

“The most common reasons I hear from women wanting to start a home business are: they want to spend more time with their kids, and they want to keep their mind active. And as much as they love being at home with their families, they also don't want to get bored.” Said Mick Lolekonda, President of the Elite Marketing Group.

So how can these moms still closely attend to their children and also bring home the bacon? An alternative is to start a part-time internet business.

When it comes to work for moms at home, an internet home business offers the possibility for moms to schedule their daily activities around their home business or vice-versa. Which gives them a chance to efficiently attend to their children's needs or hers. Usually a home business doesn't require more than 2 hours of their daily attention.

Another benefit for moms to work from home is the extra income they can generate for their household. This way, they can feel their household contribution is not only emotional but also financial.

There is a legitimate work from home opportunity for moms when the proper research is done. Even though most companies are based in the U.S, there are fun business ideas for stay at home moms in Canada to capitalize on also.

Finally, contrary to misconception, starting an online home business doesn't require huge investments. Stay at home moms can start working at home very affordably. Yes there are programs out there that may require a few thousand dollars to start. But there are those that fit smaller budgets. The same goes for the monthly marketing expenses.

The "Thishelpspeople" System has key benefits that attracts stay at home moms. By capitalizing on simply providing customer service to interested people, this system has attracted individuals from all walks of life because of it non-selling approach. Also, the system offers a 30 mns to an hour daily schedule, which appeals to most moms wanting to work at home. That's why moms work at home with this system.” Said Mick Lolekonda.

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