Seamlessly Integrates Adobe Flash Into ASP.Net Web Applications

ASP.Net Flash -


Potsdam, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2007 --The recent release of ASPNetFlash represents the first major commerical offering of an ASP.Net WebControl that seamlessly integrates Adobe Flash Media into ASP.Net Web applications.

Beyond just a tool to simplify website/Flash integration, the ASPNetFlash control has managed to elegantly package a workaround for the "Click to activate and use this control" issue - which now stands as the unfortunate standard for Adobe Flash and Java Applet online delivery.

In addition to quelching a common internet pest, ASPNetFlash goes a step further - it enriches common Adobe Flash content by enabling WAI-compliant accessibility and producing WC3-compliant XHTML, all the while remaining search-engine friendly. Flash, widely maligned for being out of step with these common industry standards, can now be utilized, complaint-free.

ASPNetFlash incorporates a smooth, invisible element of Flash-inspection which can optionally be used to automatically discover elemental properties of Flash Movies, enabling an extremely rapid development turnaround.

Flash-detection is also used to ensure that a compatible Flash player is available for each web visitor. When Flash content cannot be displayed properly, ASPNetFlash supports a straightforward interface for defining a rich panel of HTML alternative content - a trick that used to rely on complicated Javascript code. With ASPNetFlash, the HTML alternative has full access to all ASP.Net functionality.

Nearly all modern websites are data driven and Adobe Flash media elements should be no exception. The developers behind ASPNetMedia have taken this into strong consideration when designing their Flash control. Flash variables can be easily set using a visual interface, and time-tested strategies for XML injection are laid out in a step-by-step fashion in the manual.

The newly formed enterprise, ASPNetMedia, aims to bring the internet's ever growing wealth of rich media into the hands of every ASP.Net programmer and web developer. The ASPNetMedia team takes great pride in injecting high standards for usability and reliability into their products. They plan to announce the subsequent releases of enterprise-quality components for MP3 Audio, Windows Media Video, Quicktime, Real Player, and Java Applet integration in the coming months.