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Future Hosting Offers Business Continuance Protection, Alleviates Bandwidth Overage Charges Stemming from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Future Hosting announced today it has introduced Business Continuance Protection, providing protection against data transfer and bandwidth overage charges resulting from a Distributed Denial of Service attack.


Livonia, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2007 --Future Hosting (http://www.futurehosting.biz), an Internet Solutions provider serving small to medium sized businesses internationally, introduced today Business Continuance Protection (BCP), a new service providing businesses with cost overage protection in the event of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on their Virtual Private Server.

Businesses who are victims of Distributed Denial of Service attacks generally consume significant amounts of data transfer and bandwidth in a short period of time, due to the nature of the attack. This excessive resource consumption can result in overage charges, which can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars per occurrence.

“Most individuals will not drive their cars without some sort of protection, because should the driver be involved in an accident, there is a huge bill he or she is likely to be responsible for. To that end, businesses should be concerned about the possibility of incurring huge overage fees resulting from a Distributed Denial of Service attack, which in most cases, they cannot effectively prevent,” said Charles Kowalski, Future Hosting Chief Operating Officer. “We hope that by introducing this protection for businesses, we will provide an additional level of comfort and security.”

Business Continuance Protection starts at $2.95/monthly and will alleviate any fees related to data transfer or bandwidth overages resulting from a Distributed Denial of Service attack. The service does not cover intentional attacks by the customer, and must be purchased prior to any incident. Currently, only Virtual Private Server (VPS) accounts are included in the protection.

Future Hosting, based in the SoftLayer datacenter, protects its network from Distributed Denial of Service attacks with the Cisco Guard XT appliance, and monitors traffic with Arbor Networks Peakflow. Intrusion Protection Systems from TippingPoint provide an additional level of protection, and help mitigate certain types of attacks.

For more information about Future Hosting, please visit http://www.futurehosting.biz.

For more information about Future Hosting Business Continuance Protection, please visit http://www.futurehosting.biz/bcp.htm.

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