TulaSoft, LLC

SQL Database Comparison and Synchronization like a Charm

In addition to detached database files and snapshots, new SQL Examiner Suite (1.2) allows the use of a database backup as a source database for schema and data comparison


Tula, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2007 --TulaSoft, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a premier developer of SQL database comparison and synchronization tools, has announced the immediate availability of SQL Examiner Suite 1.2. This is a suite of tools (SQL Examiner 1.6, SQL Data Examiner 1.2) that provides developers and database administrators with an all-in-one solution for comparison and synchronization of the schema and data of two Microsoft SQL Server databases. Version 1.2 of the suite delivers a new unique feature, allowing backups to be used as a source database when two databases are compared. This considerably simplifies the work of database developers.

SQL Examiner software has been evolving since 2003 and has seen many technological improvements that made it stand out of the other competing products. The engineers at TulaSoft were the first to add support for Microsoft Windows Vista, integrate an opportunity for partial synchronization, and realize support for SQL Server 2005. The company doesn't stop at these achievements, extending the product's functionality with a new unique capability to use backups as a synchronization source and an opportunity to compare them with live databases, which so far has had no analogues among the similar software.

Users of the new version will benefit from the opportunity to spend less time on synchronizing the structure of databases and migration of data. Database administrators regularly create backups of their databases, and no one keeps several versions of one and the same database on the server. To compare the data stored in the backup with that of the working database, users would restore it, which was a severely time-consuming task if the database was large. Unlike similar software, SQL Examiner Suite compares a live database with a backup itself, making the process of comparison much quicker. In doing it, there'll be no need to restore the backup, and it'll be enough to specify the needed database and click 'Compare'.

"We often received requests from our end-users, asking us to add support for a backed-up database so that it can be used as a source of data," says Mikhail Gerasimov, CEO of TulaSoft. "When we added this capability and beta testing began, we got a lot of enthusiastic feedback from the end-users of the beta version. Now, the comparison of a backed-up database and a live one has become handier and quicker, resembling a point-and-click procedure."

SQL Examiner Suite 1.2 is compatible with Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and requires Microsoft .NET Framework. SQL Examiner starts at $199,95 (US), SQL Data Examiner starts at $199,95 (US) and the suite of both products is offered at $299.95, allowing users to save $100 off the original retail price. For more details on the prices, please refer to http://www.sqlaccessories.com.