SPAMfighter 5.0 Now Filtering Better than Ever


Copenhagen Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2007 --SPAMfighter has just released version 5.0 giving SPAMfighter users the best protection possible. SPAMfighter 5.0 has many new improvements to better the filtering capabilities, which are unique and available only to SPAMfighter users.

“This new version of SPAMfighter catches up with the latest forms of spam mails, making the filtering for SPAMfighter users even better.” Martin Thorborg proudly states.

One type of spam mail, which has plagued e-mail users worldwide, has been image spam. This particular spam mail is very difficult to filter, however SPAMfighter has created a filter to scan the image in order to determine if it is spam. The newest version of SPAMfighter has increased the speed of this scanning process by teaching the filter to recognize spam mails by looking at only small parts of the image. This increases the speed of filtering for SPAMfighter users so they can get their e-mail quickly and spam free.

Another way of filtering image spam mails, which SPAMfighter has worked hard to improve, is the detection of text in these spam mails. By being able to scan the images, text can be picked out and recognized as spam easier.

In addition to these improvements, SPAMfighter has also added new methods for detecting spam. These new methods help to stay on top of the latest tricks which spammers are using.

SPAMfighter uses a central filter owned and maintained by SPAMfighter who employ technicians who work around the clock to keep up with the latest tricks of the spammers. SPAMfighter users receive the best filtering possible with the latest SPAMfighter updates. SPAMfighter 5.0 is certain to give better filtering to SPAMfighter users by offering the latest technology in spam filtering.

SPAMfighter is Europe's leading spam filter developer. The Danish company is owned by the founders of, Henrik Sørensen and Martin Thorborg, together with two programmers, Daniel Hjortholt and Martin Dyring. SPAMfighter employs 25 people and is based in Copenhagen. SPAMfighter is debt-free and is 100 per cent financed by income from the sale of the SPAMfighter client. Each day, SPAMfighter removes around 12 million spam messages from 15 million tested emails received by over 2 million users in 212 countries/regions.

SPAMfighter draws its power from the fact that over 2.8 million users report spam as they receive it, with a single click. Once several users have reported the same spam message, it is automatically filtered for all other users. The result is that 90 percent of all spam is filtered out before it reaches any given user. Get more information about SPAMfighter here. []

For more information, contact Martin Thorborg, SPAMfighter ApS, Rovsingsgade 88, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. Phone: +45 7022 1551 Fax (Europe): +45 3323 0376 Fax (USA) +1 (347) 341-4657