Increased Security With VIRUSfighter


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2007 --The makers of SPAMfighter and Norman have worked together to develop a new anti-virus program called VIRUSfighter. This is user friendly software which is easy to install on any computer using Windows. VIRUSfighter protects against the very latest virus threats and other malicious software.

“Viruses can be spread from known contacts e-mails, and can be disastrous to a computer. We decided it was important to create a product to help protect computer users from these malicious viruses.” says Co-Owner and Co-Founder Martin Thorborg regarding the development of VIRUSfighter.

VIRUSfighter works by running discreetly in the background scanning files and watching for threats. Once a virus outbreak occurs, VIRUSfighter is immediately updated on the user’s machine, allowing users to stay constantly protected from the latest threats.

One advantage of VIRUSfighter is that it is almost maintenance free. VIRUSfighter can be set up to scan files at specific time periods. Users have complete control over VIRUSfighter, and can determine when they want their system scanned, and never have to manually start the scanner.

Users can also determine what they want scanned. For example, VIRUSfighter can be set to scan Outgoing and Incoming mails, as well as newsgroups, and incoming instant messages for viruses and threats.

The VIRUSfighter software works by quarantining the suspected virus or threat. It is then disabled by allowing it to run its game in a “safe” area where it cannot negatively affect the user’s computer or files. If the suspected file is found not to be a threat, it is then released to the user. However, if it is found to be a virus, it is quarantined so the user is never affected.

SPAMfighter is Europe's leading spam filter developer. The Danish company is owned by the founders of, Henrik Sørensen and Martin Thorborg, together with two programmers, Daniel Hjortholt and Martin Dyring. SPAMfighter employs 25 people and is based in Copenhagen. SPAMfighter is debt-free and is 100 per cent financed by income from the sale of the SPAMfighter client. Each day, SPAMfighter removes around 11 million spam messages from 15 million tested emails received by over 2.8 million users in 213 countries/regions.

SPAMfighter draws its power from the fact that 2.8 million users report spam as they receive it, with a single click. Once several users have reported the same spam message, it is automatically filtered for all other users. The result is that 95 percent of all spam is filtered out before it reaches any given user.

For more information, contact Martin Thorborg, SPAMfighter ApS, Rovsingsgade 88, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. Phone: +45 7022 1551 Fax (Europe): +45 3323 0376 Fax (USA) +1 (347) 341-4657