MON.ITOR.US Smart Agent Enhances Systems Monitoring experience


Yerevan, Armenia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2007 --MON.ITOR.US, a leading provider of systems Key Performance Indicators monitoring, as a part of its strategy to deliver the most complete monitoring and management experience, MON.ITOR.US today releases a downloadable agent for expanding and enhancing systems network monitoring. The agent enables customers to add their own inbound and outbound network scanners and performing low level systems resource inspection. Users will continue utilize the advantage of centralized dashboard for real time reporting as well as multi-channel alerting.

To provide responsive, seamless function to the customer, today’s business demands distributed and complex networks of systems and applications. Effective and affordable monitoring of your systems’ health is becoming an imperative for both large and small enterprises. MON.ITOR.US’ new Smart Agent radically enhances the systems monitoring experience by reporting computer resource usage (CPU, disk memory, paging) by process. It also allows adding new custom locations in a matter of minutes.

“MON.ITOR.US provides business managers with data about their customer experience and identifies issues that may affect such experience”, says Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO and founder. “Smart Agent empowers our customer with more visibility and diagnostics about their systems so business managers can know if their systems are slow or malfunctioning. It is so easy to setup and use so everyone can do it”

Smart Agent is a Windows downloadable client, which be can installed on any computer and then either collect process metrics on the given computer or use that computer to scan other network devices and servers. It can be used in several scenarios: 1) monitoring a Windows dedicated process e.g. Microsoft Exchange or IIS Server or any other process uptime, CPU and memory consumption, 2) intranet applications monitoring – for example CRM, portals, ERPs, wikis, etc. which are behind firewall and not available for external scanning 3) add new monitoring locations – e.g. from their customer promises in case of B2B systems or from a particular city/country where they have most of the visits.

Smart Agents send data back to MON.ITOR.US central database so it will be reported on the user dashboard via widgets along with other check widgets. It uses http protocol for data communication so works seamlessly with firewalls. Once installed Smart Agent will automatically update itself to the latest version of software that resides on the centralized server. This simplified deployment helps to ensure that users have the latest version of the application.

MON.ITOR.US is a leading free provider of global monitoring of websites and networks. MON.ITOR.US provides key performance indicators of websites, web applications and other network resources to insure an optimum experience for the web customer. The service offers error detection, alert notification, detailed uptime and performance reports, real time snapshot views, and web site traffic analysis. It currently has over 5,000 users and monitors over 22,000 sites.

Sourcio ( launched service in March 2006 during the CeBIT IT Expo in Hanover, Germany. Sourcio is a privately-owned IT service company specializing on open source and e-business solutions.

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