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New Research on Emotional Intelligence Development in IT Shows Even Geeks Can Lean People Skills

While popular opinion has long said that while IQ is fixed, emotional intelligence – the capacity to use emotions effectively – can be developed. A new study shows that a highly effective 2-day training can increase scores even in a highly technical workplace.


San Mateo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2007 --Despite their super-human capacity for making computers communicate, many “geeks” (AKA “IT Professionals”) are challenged by the traditional human-to-human interface. Yet as key players in any business unit, today’s IT experts have to get beyond their “left-brain” genius. While some think techies lack an understanding of emotions, new research by Six Seconds Consulting Group proves otherwise.

A team of computer engineers at Svimservice, a top Italian IT company, received a two-day training on emotional intelligence (or “EQ”). A month later their EQ scores had increased by a statistically significant average of 7%. As shown in the graph below, the average scores in the 34-person tech team increased in all domains with the highest increases shown in Consequential Thinking (making careful decisions) and Recognizing Patterns (part of self-awareness). A White Paper on the Svimservice study is online at .

This finding adds credence to what innovative leaders have long realized: Emotional Intelligence can be developed. The study is a reminder that human capital strategy should include training in this important arena maximizing workforce efficacy.

The research was conducted using the “Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment” <> (SEI), which rigorously measures eight core competencies of emotional intelligence. SEI is the best-in-class tool for assessing and developing emotional intelligence and is published by Six Seconds.

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