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New Qualified Address Services Make Mailing List Management Easier


Orem, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2007 --Exact Wave, a leading provider of On-Demand data management solutions, today introduced Qualified Address, an innovative line of services aimed at providing businesses with online access to robust mailing list software. In conjunction with the release of its new services, Exact Wave has also launched a new website: www.qualifiedaddress.com.

Qualified Address Scrubbing, the core service available from Qualified Address, enables users to standardize their address databases without any additional investment in software or hardware. Using proprietary technology, the software compares addresses in the user’s list with official mailing data. If inconsistencies are found between the user submitted data and official data, Qualified Address Scrubbing will update the user’s list with corrected information. The end result is a list of addresses that are standardized to the USPS requirements.

“Exact Wave is pleased to offer the first On-Demand, web based mailing list management solution,” explained Exact Wave President, James Endicott. “Qualified Address will save companies time and money while providing a solution that can correct, validate, and enhance their data – at an affordable price.”

Customers who participated in pre-launch testing with Qualified Address were most impressed with the speed in which Qualified Address was able to process and return their lists. Depending on the size of lists being processed, most are returned with the updated information in just a few minutes. Qualified Address has set a new standard in speed for the mailing industry as most competitive list processing companies require hours, days, or even weeks to process and return a list.

Qualified Address Scrubbing will be available online at www.qualifiedaddress.com starting March 7, 2007. Additional mailing list software services will be released over the next few months.

About Qualified Address
Qualified Address, an Exact Wave company, is a leading provider of online address data management and enhancement solutions. The mailing list software and services developed by Qualified Address enable customers to effectively manage communication with their contacts without costly investments in IT infrastructure. Qualified Addresses services are flexible and developed so that they can be completely integrated into existing systems. Qualified Address prides itself in being an industry leader for software as a service (SaaS) mailing list solutions. More information on Qualified Address is available at www.qualifiedaddress.com and www.exactwave.com.