Score Solution

Score Solution Scores For Consumers Battling Credit Errors

Company Provides Cost-Efficient And Effective Solutions To Credit Errors


Boyton Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2007 --Score Solution, a Florida-based credit repair company, offers what fancy advertising doesn’t deliver, an affordable and efficient way to repair consumer credit reports that have errors in them. A recent study showed that every 2 out of 5 Americans have errors on their credit reports which are affecting their credit score and either forcing consumers into higher interest brackets or denying them credit entirely. Score Solution helps the consumer to review and challenge errors in their credit reports from the three major credit bureaus in a time efficient and low cost way. The company has a success ratio of 3-4 removals on a client’s credit report.

“Most consumers do not realize that there are errors on their credit reports until they seek to buy a house or car and then those errors can be fatal,” said Mia Lutz, consultant for Score Solution. “At Score Solution we urge consumers to be proactive and check their credit reports well before they seek to make a major purchase. Removing these errors off of the credit reports is not an overnight exercise and we advise that consumers begin the process at least six months prior to any major purchase. Failure to correct errors on credit reports can cost consumers thousands of dollars in higher interest rates.”

Score Solution offers a direct and easy way to deal with errors on credit reports. Most consumers don’t realize that the major causes for errors are identity theft, credit bureaus tying two consumer’s reports together, or a creditor reporting incorrect information.

Often when consumers seek to correct an error, they find the erroneous items come back as "verified" and remain on the report. Then the consumer needs to start over yet again in a persistent manner that can become tedious and frustrating as it is repeated numerous times before it is corrected. All of this happens because the credit bureaus work in various codes that do not interpret the consumers’ dispute correctly. At Score Solution, its consultants know the language and code of the credit bureaus, so such mistakes do not occur.

“Challenging the credit bureaus to correct an error can be a battle that many consumers are not ready for and go on for years with building stress for the consumer,” said Lutz. Score Solution takes away the stress from the consumer and streamlines the process so the errors are removed in a time efficient way.”

Additional information on Score Solution may be obtained by calling 1-866-547-2673.