Better Protection Against Over 441,000 Threats


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2007 --The creators of SPAMfighter have recently updated the effective computer security program, SPYWAREfighter. This anti-spyware program protects computers by scanning the windows registry for spyware, malware, or other malicious software which may have unknowingly invaded a users computer. SPYWAREfighter provides real time monitoring of the users entire system.

“Spyware has become such a dangerous threat to computer security. We knew immediately we had to create an anti-spyware program to help stop this from spreading and infecting computers world wide.” ,stated Co-Owner and Co-Founder Martin Thorborg.

The way SPYWAREfighter works is by scanning all active programs for running pests. This detects any threats, making the system more secure against malicious threats. SPYWAREfighter allows for automatic or manual scanning for spyware, malware, or other malicious software. An analysis tools program allows a user to scan manually for possible threats. When a threat is detected, it will be encrypted and stored in quarantine, making it harmless to the user’s computer.

SPYWAREfighter is also able to scan for DLL Trojans. These are Trojans which inject themselves into other secure processes. When a DLL Trojan is detected by SPYWAREfighter, it is then deleted from the computer.

SPYWAREfighter has been recently updated be able to detect unknown threats. The new SPYWAREfighter engine is able to run a heuristic analysis when scanning files. When SPYWAREfighter scans files, it scans not only for known threats, but for malicious looking behavior. Therefore, the protection SPYWAREfighter offers is not only limited to that of what is known in the database, but is extended to include analysis of possible threats.

SPAMfighter is Europe's leading spam filter developer. The Danish company is owned by the founders of, Henrik Sørensen and Martin Thorborg, together with two programmers, Daniel Hjortholt and Martin Dyring. SPAMfighter employs 20 people and is based in Copenhagen. SPAMfighter is debt-free and is 100 per cent financed by income from the sale of the SPAMfighter client. Each day, SPAMfighter removes around 4 million spam messages from 5 million tested emails received by over 2 million users in 209 countries/regions.

SPAMfighter draws its power from the fact that 2.8 million users report spam as they receive it, with a single click. Once several users have reported the same spam message, it is automatically filtered for all other users. The result is that more than 90 percent of all spam is filtered out before it reaches any given user.

For more information, contact Martin Thorborg, SPAMfighter ApS, Rovsingsgade 88, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. Phone: +45 7022 1551 Fax (Europe): +45 3323 0376 Fax (USA) +1 (347) 341-4657