Smart EBook Maker for Richer Content and Stronger Copyright Protection!

EBook Maestro is a robust compiler that makes rich standalone e-books out of HTML pages, multimedia files and scripts. It is a turnkey solution that helps organize e-publishing from compilation to on-line user registration.


Novosibirsk, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2007 --EBookMaestro.com announces the release of an update to its fully featured e-book compiler EBook Maestro. In version 1.80 users will find extended options to customize e-books and make their interface more appealing to the audience. It makes publications throb with sounds and motion. A series of improvements aims to assist commercial e-publishing. EBook Maestro offers various means of content protection from disabling cut-and-paste and printout to on-line registration and limited use for unregistered copies. On the whole, the update better allows for rich e-book content and copyright protection.

“In EBook Maestro users are sure to find comprehensive assistance for e-publications. It’s a breakthrough compared to the traditional publishing. Our compiler makes books talk, interact, present content in a lively and appealing way. Even more conservative publications benefit from its rich options, such as instant search or text-to-speech rendering. Compiled into a standalone e-book, your publication can reach wider audience and its distribution will be much easier. In response to copyright concerns we provide multi-level protection of e-book contents. Not only can you effectively limit the use of a publication, but also protect its content against changes. EBook Maestro provides modern authors with the most advanced technologies of e-publishing.”

EBook Maestro is a multi-purpose compiler. Besides making e-books, it provides rich features for multimedia presentations, ezines, offline web sites, training and educational courses, advertisement and promotion letters, and other kind of publications. For each type of project the user can make a template with settings and reuse it in the future. Its fully-fledged interactive features are enabled through form processing. You can designate a website that will process the reader input making your e-publications more “responsive” to the reader. The features are ideal for tests, training courses, and quizzes, but can equally help with promoting products on the web. The reader input can also be processed and stored inside the book itself. A buy page and a customisable bottom bar are directed to the same end. They can carry links for more information or advertise product sites. Such publications, propped with email subscription, can make any promotion campaign more effective and less costly.

When you wish to convey ideas to a wider audience, build an effective promotion campaign or start an e-publishing business, use EBook Maestro expertise for assistance. It will make your e-publication rich and lively, protect it and support with online services.

Website: http://www.ebookmaestro.com/