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Record Your Telephone Conversation on a PC

New Version of Call Corder Adds Windows Vista Compatibility


Vancouver, BC, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2007 --Recording a telephone conversation may be vital if you carry important business affairs over the telephone. The newly released Call Corder 3.8 makes it easy for you to record your telephone conversations directly onto your PC's hard disk. Call Corder will give you the option to store all incoming calls automatically, start and stop recording in the middle of a conversation, automatically play a user-selected legal warning message, and even forward recorded telephone calls via e-mail. The new version is fully compatible with all editions of Microsoft Windows Vista.

Call Corder can store hours of calls on a hard disk utilizing real-time audio compression techniques. It stores all telephone conversations, compressed or not, as standard Windows sound files, and accompanies them with an annotated memo to allow for fast, easy retrieval of the details of an important call.

Call Corder includes a Legal Guide on Recording Telephone Conversations. The software is Caller ID compatible, and requires a voice modem and Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. Evaluation version available for download from Full version cost is $49.95.


Call Corder can be used:
* By self-employed entrepreneurs
* By doctors and lawyers
* By any private individual with lots of business contacts
* By anybody who would like to store their calls accompanied with text annotations

The Call Corder has been developed as a less expensive alternative to the hardware call recording boxes. Call Corder offers more useful features than any call recording box can provide.

Unique Features

* Every call is annotated for convenient future access.
* Caller ID information automatically labels incoming calls: there is no need to manually annotate every call (a Caller ID compatible modem and Caller ID service are required).
* A legal disclaimer can be played automatically before every call is recorded to insure compliance with local regulations.
* Includes a comprehensive Practical Guide on Legal Aspects of Recording Telephone Conversations.
* Optional automatic recording of incoming calls.
* High quality of recording: optional automatic gain control allows for automatic volume adjustment for a superior sound quality for virtually all types of telephone installations.
* Optional message compression reduces required storage up to 10 times.
* Any recorded conversation, including your comments, can be forwarded via e-mail in a highly compressed format.

March 1, 2007

Evaluation version download or a CD-ROM available upon request.

Screenshots are available at

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