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MON.ITOR.US At One Year Old Announces Launch of MONITIS at CeBIT 2007


Yerevan, Armenia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2007 --MON.ITOR.US the only FREE provider of Key Performance Indicators monitoring is now one year old. Today as a part of its strategy to deliver the most complete monitoring and management experience, MON.ITOR.US announces the launch of premium service MONITIS at CeBIT 2007 Exhibition in Hanover. MONITIS Bronze Package provides custom level service to businesses that have complex web processes and require more frequent monitoring and reporting. One month free trial of MONITIS premium service is available.

MON.ITOR.US which was launched one year ago in CeBIT 2006 is now the only commercial grade FREE service, providing reports on customer web experience, so you can react before it can critically affect business success. It monitors networks, websites and servers from internal and external perspectives, supporting 11 different test protocols, monitors unlimited number of servers and sends alerts to unlimited number of contact persons by e-mail, RSS feed, IM message. With MON.ITOR.US clients can also receive reports on number of their site visitors and can compare how the traffic affects the performance, and decide on improvements needed.

During one year MON.ITOR.US acquired 5000 registered customers and is monitoring over 25,000 sites. Many MON.ITOR.US customers had reported about value of the service: “I’m using this very useful service and it really helps me to have the right ‘picture’ about the availability and performance of my sites”. “I can know the real running status of server in China now. Moreover, I can know more about the speed for my blog and website”. “Downtimes have been nightmares for all of us. It takes at least 1-2 hours during the day and 5-6 hours during the night before you find out that your websites down. Indeed, very few providers can do monitoring from outside of their infrastructure, so for example when the router is down you will get false positive uptime report. ISPs do not always give out their network monitoring data, as well. There is no way we can monitor our websites 24 hours a day. Thankfully, there’s MON.ITOR.US”.

MON.ITOR.US business model is based on open source, community development supported by advertising. This year at CeBIT MON.ITOR.US demonstrating our new service called MONITIS ( that provides custom service paid by the customer. MON.ITOR.US monitors your websites and servers in 45 minute intervals, while MONITIS monitors in 5 minute intervals. MON.ITOR.US has free email alert if any of the sites you are monitoring go down. MONITIS adds a pager and SMS alerts on your PDA. MONITIS has a new and rich user interface, more diverse display charts, SSH/telnet tool.

“We believe there is a need for both services. MON.ITOR.US is aimed at small businesses that require monitoring but are not yet in a position to pay for it. They need to be alerted when they have a service problem but their offering is fairly simple and they know right away what to do about it. This includes blogs and new 1 to 10 person enterprises. MONITIS serves a more complex clientele. Business-critical website owners can’t afford to have website problems for 45 minutes without them being aware and taking corrective actions. We are releasing MONITIS Bronze Package which provides more frequent (5 minutes) monitoring for all the tests for $9.95/month. We offer one month free trial of this premium service”, reports Hovhannes Avoyan, MON.ITOR.US CEO.

MONITIS is designed with an impressive roadmap to success which is presented in CeBIT at booth B-03/2 in Hall 8. Also with special subscription cards being distributed at CeBIT 2007, clients can have three month FREE subscription to MONITIS. MONITIS can be tailored to customized enterprise solutions and to meet companies’ particular business needs.

MON.ITOR.US is a leading free provider of global monitoring of websites and networks. MON.ITOR.US provides key performance indicators of websites, web applications and other network resources to insure an optimum experience for the web customer. The service offers error detection, alert notification, detailed uptime and performance reports, real time snapshot views, and web site traffic analysis. It currently has over 5,000 users and monitors over 24,000 sites.

Sourcio ( launched service in March 2006 during the CeBIT IT Expo in Hanover, Germany. Sourcio is a privately-owned IT service company specializing on open source and e-business solutions.

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