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Lori Prokop Teaches the Secret to Overcoming Fear and Anger Quickly

Most people, especially women, have been taught is it bad or weak to have needs, Lori Prokop say ignoring wants and needs, as we have been trained, always backfires.


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2007 --During anger management workshops, featuring expert Lori Prokop as speaker, attendees are taught every living being has needs, wants and desires. Without these, it would be like holding your breath, or repressing your heart beat and still expecting to live a full, happy and healthy life.

“Every human has needs, all the time,” Lori Prokop says. “We all have the exact same needs. Every need you have, the people you see as enemies or “wrong” also have. We all need respect, safety, nourishment, harmony, connection and love just to name a few.”

Lori Prokop reveals what few people know about anger.

“Anger,” Lori Prokop says, “is a sign that ‘blame thinking’ is going on in your head and that you have unmet needs.”

Pay attention to these unmet needs, Lori Prokop teaches.

If your problem is another not listening to you, ask yourself what emotions you feel, advises Lori Prokop.

You may feel anxious, sad, rage, frustration or confusion. Or, depending on the situation, Lori Prokop says, you might be happy the person is ignoring you.

If you were speeding in your car and drove by a police officer, you might be happy if he ignored you, Lori Prokop continues.

“So, being ignored is not always something that triggers anger or blame,” Lori Prokop summarizes. “It is how you think about the situation that triggers anger or blame.”

About Lori Prokop: Lori Prokop is affectionately called the “mother of inspiration” and is one of the most respected people in the field of self-empowerment. Lori Prokop has devoted her life to the study of human behavior and personal motivation. The remarkable combination of her caring style and the powerful systems Lori Prokop has developed quickly transform people and companies from good to great!