Superior Text Extraction with the Big Faceless Java PDF Library and Viewer

BFO release version 2.7.8 of their Java PDF Library with improved text extraction.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2007 --Big Faceless Organization (BFO), has released a new version of their market leading Java PDF Library. Version 2.7.8 provides significant improvements to clients using the PDF Viewer extension to build interactive viewers.

CTO Mike Bremford, says “significant modifications have been made to the PageExtractor class. Text that was previously being extracted as individual letters or smaller groups are now being reassembled where possible into longer phrases. Some words had previously been broken up by the PDF structure”.

The PDF Viewer allows you to extract and index text and images from PDF documents, including integration with Apache Lucene. There’s also a SWING component for displaying PDF’s, along with the ability to convert PDF to TIFF and PDF document printing including support for annotations.

The PDF Viewer is available as an extension to both the Java PDF Library Extended Edition and Java Report Generator Extended Edition.

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About BFO: BFO is a global resource of Java components for the international B2B market. Products include the Big Faceless Report Generator, PDF and Graph Libraries. The client portfolio includes Boeing, Lehman Brothers, Harvard University, HSBC, Fannie Mae, Roche, Toyota and the US Department of Energy.