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Relief for Orthodontic Patients

No matter what the age, orthodontic appliances are difficult to keep clean. Learn about a better method to remove debris between the brackets, bands and wires of the orthodontic braces.


Holland, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2007 --Orthodontic appliances or braces is popular among adults as well as children and teens. What is not popular, is keeping them clean. Walking around with a piece of lettuce stuck in the crevice of an orthodontic appliance is not very becoming. In addition, without relentless cleaning while wearing the orthodontic braces, the wearer can end up with tooth decay and permanent scarring of the enamel.

The recommended cleaning regimen for patients with orthodontic appliances is brushing after every meal, extra time spent while brushing, the use of tiny specialized brushes to get in and under the braces, floss threaders to facilitate flossing, oral irrigators to dislodge food and oral rinses to help reduce the bacteria. This is a lot of work for both adult and child that are wearing orthodontic braces. But keeping the teeth and orthodontic appliances clean is extremely important and must be done to protect both the money and time investment. Remember the time spent wearing orthodontic braces can be two to three years.

A teeth cleaner that does not require a brush to clean in very minute crevices – like between orthodontic appliances or around the gums or between the teeth – is needed. An electrical device - like the power deck washer that can remove dirt and algae from between the wooden deck planks better than a broom and a bucket of water, or something similar to a sand blaster that removes the pollutants from a stone building - would be better than a tooth brush.

A recently developed home appliance, Dental Air Force, uses air, water and a dental cleaner to accomplish what tooth brushing and flossing cannot. It is especially effective on orthodontic appliances because the spray gets in and around the wires and brackets. The spray aerates the sites and the cleaner neutralizing the acid where the bacteria thrive in the absence of oxygen, thus changing the environment in the mouth and keeping the bacteria population down. It will even remove stains from the “clear” orthodontic appliances that develop with food such as coffee, tea and cola.

The system was developed by a practicing dentist who realized there had to be a better way for his patients to clean their teeth at home.

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