Global Resorts Network (GRN), Members Have Reported Income of $40,000 in First Month

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Plano, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2007 -- Timeshares will soon be a thing of the past when the word gets out about Global Resorts Network. Timeshares require a substantial upfront investment, annual fees, maintenance fees and typically the owner has to return to the same location year after year. There is the practice of trading for other locations, but it can be a hassle and require more money.

Global Resorts Network offers a private lifetime membership that becomes part of the owner’s estate. This private membership gives the member access to over 5000, 4 and 5 star resorts around the world with no annual fees or maintenance fees. There is no limit to how many times a member can travel and there are over 5000 locations available.

Whatever the members taste, GRN will deliver. If they like to relax in the tropics, ski in Colorado or vacation in different locations around the world, this private membership will not disappoint.

Once they purchase their private membership through they will receive their own website and the opportunity to market the lifetime membership to others. This membership is being offered for less than $3000. For the past 20 years these memberships have been sold for as high as $20,000 without a compensation plan attached. “Sell just three Platinum memberships and your lifetime membership is paid for”. Brent Conrad states.

“That’s when I knew my decision. A product that sells itself because of the huge value it offers and a compensation plan attached. My Friend currently has a timeshare with RCI that cost almost $30,000 up front, annual fees of $700 and other fees, whether they use it or not and I know for sure they have never paid them a dime.” Brent Conrad states.

“I checked prices on the same resort in Cabo San Lucas through our membership with GRN and for 8 days and 7nights the price was only $698 for the entire week. This will save me and my girlfriend over $1500 with just one vacation.” Brent Conrad states.

People that like to travel the world and get huge discounts on the top notch resorts can do so with Global Resorts Network. The savings alone, more than pays for the membership and will continue to save money for a lifetime. Not just the member’s lifetime, but their children’s children and so on.

Imagine kicking back in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun at a top resort talking with a timeshare owner next to you. If you were to mention the price you paid with your membership, more than likely you would have someone very interested in your business. This business is not hard. All a member has to do is invite people to their website.

Compare the cost to stay in Monte Carlo at the Hotel Hermitage (a 5 star Hotel). In February, an average room would cost $452 per night. For 7 nights it would cost you $3164. Again, the max with your private membership would be less than $699. This more than pays for your Platinum Lifetime Membership and the savings continue on and on. Not only that, but you have the Perpetual Leverage compensation plan as well.

Perpetual Leverage is being regarded as the most lucrative income plan ever created. A member can earn $1000 for every qualified sale they make and also earn $1000 for every qualified sale their team members make to infinity. It is unlimited width and unlimited depth. To get a better picture of the compensation plan, please visit for a video with audio explaining the entire plan.

A well known millionaire marketer says, “This compensation plan is more lucrative than any plan I have ever been associated with.”

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