4PSA VoipNow 1.4 Simplifies Hosted PBX Business

Rack-Soft announced today the most comprehensive update of 4PSA VoipNow released so far with more than thirty new features and functions.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2007 --Rack-Soft announced today the most comprehensive update of 4PSA VoipNow released so far. With more than thirty new features and functions, 4PSA VoipNow 1.4 is the new version of the popular hosted PBX platform for Internet Service Providers and Hosting Service Providers.

The new 4PSA VoipNow version comes with a phone provisioning module, hardware interfaces integration, incoming calls billing capability, call parking and pickup support, improved routing rules, new SOAP API functions, account management optimizations, interface improvements, new IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications, and many other new features.

The phone provisioning module supports devices from Cisco, Linksys, Snom, and Grandstream. “The ability to provision phones through the web interface is interesting for providers of hosted PBX services because it automates the tasks involved in configuring and maintaining a large number of devices. The provisioning module is based on a scalable design and allows new phones and vendors to be easily added in the next 4PSA VoipNow releases based on customer requests. As long as the SIP device comes with such an option, we will be able to make it connect to the 4PSA VoipNow provisioning module.”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA VoipNow architect.

4PSA VoipNow 1.4 is able to work with Zaptel hardware interfaces. These can connect the server to a PSTN network through analog or digital phone lines. Businesses can use inexpensive hardware cards to keep costs under control and to scale the infrastructure as they grow. Media converters or external SIP carriers are no longer required. “A provider that uses 4PSA VoipNow can choose from over fifty interface cards available from various vendors. The card must be inserted into the server and the first call through the PSTN network can be made in several minutes. Channel management is equally easy for all types of cards, whether a four channels analog or a digital E1 card is used.”, added Mr. Carstoiu.

Even more parameters can be controlled through the 4PSA VoipNow 1.4 SOAP API interface. With the new version, the PHP client released under GPL by Rack-Soft to demonstrate the software API features has also been updated.

4PSA VoipNow is available for Redhat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux, and Fedora Core distributions. The product can be installed through the command line installer or using the ISO image.

In order to support high density hosted PBX environments, Rack-Soft also prepared 4PSA VoipNow 1.4 for Virtuozzo machines. Virtual Private Servers running 4PSA VoipNow can be deployed in several minutes.

4PSA VoipNow is free for two extensions. The prices for the commercial licenses that offer more extensions and include technical support start with 299USD.

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