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Disk Write Copy: Reliable Protection and Fast System Restore


Moscow, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2007 --CCS Company has released a new Disk Write Copy product, which allows the user to instantly restore system functionality after any failures as well as browse any internet resources without worrying about viruses and other malware.

Considering various user groups, the developers of Disk Write Copy have created three editions of the software: Disk Write Copy Personal (for home PCs), Disk Write Copy Server (for server operating systems) and Disk Write Copy Professional (for home and office).

Disk Write Copy provides system protection and fast data restore after each system restart (or after a specific restart in case the Incremental protection mode is used). That is why users who installed Disk Write Copy on their home computers don't have to worry about their relatives deleting important information. And professionals can easily test any software, change and delete service and Disk Write Copy will protect data from damage. Also, this software will save your time and free you from the necessity to restore system from BACKUP.

The distinctive feature of Disk Write Copy is that it is supports four protection modes. If the program is working in the NORMAL PROTECTION MODE, data is restored after each system restart. In this mode, the user is working with the shadow copy of the disk instead of the original data and the shadow copy is automatically deleted after the computer is turned off. The original data remains unchanged and after the restart all traces of changes disappear. Thansk to Disk Write Copy technology the shadow copy is created in no time and doesn't require allocating disk space since the shadow image is stored in free sectors of the filesystem.

Main feature of Disk Write Copy Server and Disk Write Copy Professional is the support of INCREMENTAL PROTECTION MODE, which allows the administrator to restore the original data when needed.

Imagine that you are installing a software product and it requires the system to be restarted or you are working on a long-term project and adds new information each day. In this and many other cases there is a need to save changes after system restart. For such situations, the Disk Write Copy Incremental mode was developed, which provides protection for arbitrary number of restarts: data is accumulated across restarts and stored as long as needed.

To quit the Incremental mode, switch to the normal mode; the data will not be stored anymore and after the system restart only the original data will be restored.

Besides simple Incremental mode, the software supports INCREMENTAL-FAST PROTECTION MODE, which features faster initialization at computer, server or workstation startup. In this mode the system is almost instantly restored after failures.

Disk Write Copy is a great alternative to antivirus software. Using Disk Write Copy you can browse any websites and download whatever you want. No spyware, viruses, trojans etc. will be able to infiltrate your system. If you are suspicious of infection or failure, restart the computer and Disk Write Copy will restore the system. Also, Disk Write Copy will guarantee that no traces of internet browsing remain on the computer.

Main features of Disk Write Copy:
· Guaranteed workstation recovery at startup;
· Protection from malware and spyware;
· Protection from viruses, worms and trojans;
· You can browse any internet resources without any history, cookies etc. left.
· Install and test new software and updates without a risk of damage to your data or operating system;
· Multiple users can work with your computer without a risk of damage to your data or operating system;
· Multiple hard drives can be protected;
· SCSI, ATA, SATA and IDE hard drives are supported;
· FAT, FAT32 and NTFS filesystems are supported on both Basic and Dynamic disks;
· Simple, Striped-Set, Volume-Set and Mirror-Set volumes are supported;
· win2000, WinXP ,win 2000 server and win 2003 server are supported.

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