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iNetFormFiller Is a Unique Product That Will Help You Autofill Any Form With Just One Click


Minsk, Belarus -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2007 -- iNetFormFiller is a unique product that will help you autofill any form with just one click. It really saves time that you’d normally waste of form filling. With iNetFormFiller the costs of your multiple form filling will be reduced to the minimum! And all that owing to the unique feature of iNetFormFiller – batch mode form filling.

Save time – Don’t waste time on manual form filling. iNetFormFiller will do the job for you.

Increase convenience – using the system of smart field recognition the program perfectly performs the function of password manager software.

iNetFormFiller – an ideal solution for people daily dealing with web form filling. This program is simply essential for HR specialists and people placing advertisements on a large number of resources. Using a unique function of Batch mode form filling, you will easily autofill hundreds and thousands of web forms in just a matter of minutes.

iNetFormFiller – is a powerful and efficient tool that fills out web-forms of any complexity with the minimum time and efforts required the user. Among its new features are:

- ability to recognize the “relevant” forms on the web pages (when there is more than one form),
- ability to record and automatically reproduce web link clicks
- batch mode filling, which lets you fill out online forms with standard data
- ability to manually bind corresponding form fields with fields from your profiles
- availability of various types of fields, including combined ones (fields uniting values from several fields)
- ability to synchronize field values in different profiles
- and a lot more

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