Medical Tourism: All That Glitters is Not Gold

Father of 23 year old who died at Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, files murder charges against hospital administrators and doctors.


Roslyn Heights, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2007 --Self proclaimed "leader" of the medical tourism or outsourced healthcare industry, Bumrungrad Hospital of Bangkok, Thailand, has had murder and other charges filed against it by the father of Joshua Goldberg who died at the hospital on 23 Feb 2006 for what Mr. Goldberg's forensic experts and Mr. Goldberg is informed and believes to be pre-meditated murder. "The evidence is overwhelming as evidenced by the hospital record, the post mortem analysis and the deep investigations we have conducted". Mr. Goldberg has not yet publicly disclosed his views as to motive but intends to do so after the police investigation has been finalized.

The complaint of murder was added on 27 Feb 2007 at Lumpini Police Station in Bangkok by Mr. Goldberg, father of the deceased. Previously, Mr. Goldberg had malpractice, document falsification charges relating to his son's death at Bumrungrad last June but was not permitted to complete the complaint by those then in control of the Police in Bangkok.

Mr. Goldberg, whose website, http://www.bumrungraddeath.com, provides an indepth and transparent analysis of the causes of his son's death. This website was established in May of 2006 and has had well over 250,000 visits from the world over.

Previously Mr. Goldberg had offered a $2 million dollar reward for information leading to the death of his son.

Settlement talks with Bumrungrad have produced no results except complete silence from Bumrungrad, at one time, owned in large part by Tenet Hospital, a US corporation that is the second biggest hospital owner in the United States. Additionally, Mr. Goldberg sought help and explanation from the Joint Commission, which accredited Bumrungrad, but was also met with complete silence.

"The press has largely had favorable comments to make about the growing phenomena of medical tourism or outsourcing, but little oppossing thought has worked its way into the press", said Mr. Goldberg, in New York on 27 March 2007.

"The fact is", explained Goldberg, "that the US healthcare system has been the victim of corporate greed and outright theft over a period of years since Medicare was enacted.....according to World Health Organization's survey of 2002, the US ranked 39th in the world in healthcare quality but spent more than 3 times more, per capita, than any other country on earth!"

"Additionally, accreditation, granted by the Joint Commission of Oakbrook, Illinois" has issued over 40,000 accreditations nationally and now has begun to do so internationally....without sanction by the US Goverment to do so.....over all the accreditations granted by the Joint Commission, only 1/10 of 1% have ever been revoked....thus making accreditation something for sale...and not, as Congress, intended, to be enforced"

Goldberg named Dr. Peter Morley, the Hospital's International Administrator and Dr. Sukkitti Panpannung for first degree murder charges and at least 11 other individuals,including Mac (James) Banner and Curtis Schroeder, both senior executives of Bumrungrad,for cover up, evidence tampering, document falsification, obstruction of justice etc.....all are employees and executives at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Contact: James Goldberg, 516 319 1787 For Further Information