Welcome Back RealPlayer, Windows Media Player and QuickTime

ASP.Net Video -


Potsdam, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2007 --In early 2007, ASPNetFlash ( quickly grew to be a popular success by introducing Flash Movies into ASP.Net Web Applications.

Following in these footsteps, developers from ASPNetMedia have released a new product – one that now brings video and streaming media into the world of .Net websites.

Welcome back RealPlayer, Windows Media Player & QuickTime. We missed you.

With their latest line of products, ASPNetMedia has reestablished their core technology that fixes the annoying "Click to activate issue and use this control" issue in Internet Explorer. Their innovative code for embedding Video and Flash produces WAI accessible, WC3-compliant XHTML. It is also search engine friendly and provides alternative content for those without plug-ins and media players.

Founders Jacob Mellor and David Kuchar attribute their success not to technology, but to good old-fashioned customer care. Every correspondence has become an opportunity to improve their products. They respond with solutions, not just words.

The growing enterprise, ASPNetMedia, aims to bring the internet's ever expanding wealth of rich media into the hands of every ASP.Net programmer and web developer.

They will announce subsequent releases of enterprise-quality components for Flash Video, MP3 Audio and Java Applet integration in the coming months.