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Stamford Scientific (SSI) Unveils Exclusive Snappy Saddle™ for Tube Diffusers

Stamford Scientific (SSI) unveiled an exclusive Snappy Saddle™ design for tube diffusers applied in wastewater treatment facilities.


Poughkeepsie, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2007 -- Stamford Scientific Inc. (SSI), a global product innovator and support facility for wastewater treatment plants, announced a patent-pending translucent range Snappy Saddle™ for SSI tube diffusers.

Easily installed by a single worker in a matter of seconds, the Snappy Saddle represents a significant improvement over conventional saddle mounted diffusers. The single seal on top of the header replaces the conventional dual seal approach. This change reduces both the amount of time required for installation and leaks and breaks over time.

The design of the new diffuser includes a range of applicable diffusers extends to 7’-3” (2.2m) in length for a single piece and arrives in a translucent construction so you can see the pipe orifice and O-ring through the saddle for installation and maintenance.

"These new patent-pending diffusers are faster to install,” said Tom Frankel, Director of Stamford Scientific. "They are also more economical to purchase and more reliable than regular tube diffuser designs because the single sealing point replaces the normal two."

"When working your installation only one person is needed to install this diffuser. Even maintenance of the Snappy Saddle™ improves because we applied a translucent design to the product. Now you can inspect the seal just by looking to see if the tube is properly seated and if the air path and header pipe are clean and free of sludge and dust. ”

The Snappy Saddle™ for tube diffusers is now ready for sale worldwide. It complements the existing replacement tube membrane and bubble diffuser products already offered by SSI.

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