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Monitor and Analyze your USB Devices

USB Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) for Windows 2000/XP/Vista has been released.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2007 -- The USB Monitor product is now part of the forth-coming Device Monitoring Studio solution, which will offer the ultimate monitoring functionality, joining the power and functionality of our USB Monitor, Serial Monitor and Accurate Network Monitor products.

The current release contains the USB monitoring support, continuing and extending the unique features of the USB Monitor 2.37.

Here's the brief list of new and updated features:

1. Superior performance:
* the product is now capable of real-time monitoring of high-speed devices (with throughput up to tens MB/sec)
* allows you to configure several visualizers for the monitoring session without affecting performance and memory consumption

2. Better scalability:
* offers effective support for multi-core processing and hyper-threading technology, fast memory and HDDs, providing you the unique experience while monitoring in real-time
* allows you to monitor several USB devices at the same time or monitor and play back log(s) at the same time

3. User-friendliness:
* fully customizable user interface: floating/docking windows with auto-hide support, configurable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts with export/import capability
* the use of vector icons allows smooth running on any font DPI settings
* the powerful Statistics visualizer displays statistical data, collected for the monitoring session, including the momentary data for bytes transferred/sec, packets/sec, bytes read/sec and bytes written/sec counters

4. Informational:
* provides you with a lot of technical information about connected USB devices, including the USB device descriptor, configuration descriptor, HID descriptors and part of Windows device tree, related to the selected USB device
* special visualizers for USB Mass Storage, Still Image and HID device classes

Product Home Page:

The product is available in three editions: Lite, Standard and Professional.

Download Link:
http://www.hhdsoftware.com/Download/usb-monitor.exe> (2.35 Mb)

System Requirements:
512MB RAM, 512MB HD free space

* Lite - $59.99
* Standard - $99.99
* Professional - $199.99

About HHD Software:
HHD Software is a fast growing young company which was founded in 2000 and works on providing the high quality monitoring solutions. Its software is used by a lot of companies and organizations all over the world, including Microsoft, Apple, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Intel, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Adobe, Broadcom, LG Electronics, Samsung, Hitachi, Xerox and Sony.