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CCDS Releases Centcom Management Portal 2.0


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2007 -- Call Center Development Services (CCDS) ( announced today the release of its Centcom Management Portal version 2.0. This release integrates all existing Centcom management tools into one easy-to-use interface and includes a number of new features and performance enhancements.

New features and improvements include:
• A Centralized Portal providing access to Centcom’s management tools from a single web interface. Previously each Centcom utility (Reporting, Usage Management, Administration and Recording Management) had its own separate portal, which required multiple logins and prevented information from being shared across platforms. The integration of these utilities provides easier access, better searching and richer reporting.
• More Advanced Reporting and Filtering — enabling users to make more complex queries and filters across campaigns, agents and supervisors. New functionality includes week-by-week summary breakdowns of results, for better analysis of agent/campaign performance.
• Report Customization Module — which provides users with the ability to customize their own reports and query results and save these selections for future use. Also includes support for sorting by column and sticky columns.
• Campaign Penetration Summary Report — which identifies up-to-date information on the viability of leads within the campaigns.
• Batch-Mode Updating — provides users with the ability to apply batched changes to groups of records, instead of making changes to records one at-a-time.
• Faster Playback of Recordings — reducing playback load time by up to 300%. A five minute recording can now be queued in less than five seconds. Recordings can also be saved to MP3 format.

“Our new and improved Centcom portal provides our customers with better tools to manage their calling campaigns, at no additional cost to them,” said Sonny Bettan, President at CCDS. “We have always been a customer-focused company and this release reaffirms our commitment to meeting our client’s needs through superior product development and excellent support.”

Frank Gingras, chief developer of CCDS, said, “Traditionally our customers would make specific requests for changes to their campaigns or reports, and we would try to integrate them into the product. Now they are able to do it themselves, 24/7 from a single interface.

We’re giving them the flexibility to manage their own information, in their own way, which is pretty powerful.”

Centcom is a non-VOIP virtual call center service that provides a scalable predictive dialing capability to firms remotely, via the web. Using the Centcom service, companies can harness the power of a predictive dialer without requiring any investments in hardware, software or personnel. All they need is a computer with an Internet connection and a phone line. Centcom also provides a suite of management and reporting tools that help users manage their calling campaigns more effectively.

Centcom is available for immediate evaluation. For more information, please contact CCDS at 1-800-921-CCDS (2237) or

About CCDS
Call Center Development Services ( is a provider of integrated call center services, call center management software and predictive dialers. The company’s Centcom service provides predictive dialing over the web to organizations of all sizes.

Companies within the mortgage, insurance, healthcare, fund raising, collection and financial services industries, and a number of government agencies rely on Centcom for their calling campaigns.

Company headquarters are in Montreal, QC. For more information, visit or call 1-800-921-CCDS (2237).

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