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AIS Media Launches Sheep Advertising Campaign In The United Kingdom

SheepAds™ Will Turn Sheep Into Walking Billboards


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2007 --AIS Media, Inc., a leading e-business solutions company announced the launch of SheepAds™, a new advertising campaign in the United Kingdom, as the company expands its market reach. SheepAds™, calls for shearing the AIS Media logo onto sheep, becoming the first American company to turn sheep into walking billboards. Seeking to build the AIS brand in the United Kingdom, SheepAds™, will be launched first in Wales, Scotland, and northern England and then expand towards Dover and London in the south.

This innovative campaign was developed by senior executives of AIS Media. The first sheep to be used in this campaign will be sheep from the Darcy Farm in Wales. The Darcy Farm was the location of the unusual crop circle phenomenon that bore the AIS Media logo. To compensate Mr. Bernard Darcy for the damage to his cornfield, AIS Media executives negotiated the use of his sheep for SheepAds™.

The Darcy Farm is located near one of the most traveled roads in Wales. Prior to the AIS Media crop circles ( appearing in its cornfield, the farm was most noted as the location in 1936 where Edward VII, later the Duke of Windsor, claimed to have seen mysterious lights in the sky that spelled out the letters, A, I, and S which he took as a sign to mean abdicate in favor of Simpson. Two days later, he abdicated the throne in favor of Wallis Simpson.

Bernard Darcy, the current owner of the farm is pleased and honored to be taking part in SheepAds™. He also has stated that the sheep seem quite happy. “The sheep really fancy all the extra attention they’re getting these days and believe that they are becoming quite famous,” said Mr. Darcy.

“I’m very excited about SheepAds™,” said Thomas Harpointner, CEO of AIS Media. “Our business is our passion and we’re always looking for innovative new ways to expand our global market reach. Advertising on sheep will launch a whole new approach in advertising, and we are proud to have been the first company in the world to have developed the concept.”

AIS Media is confident that SheepAds™ will be successful and is considering offering the service to other businesses through its global network of certified partners. AIS Media executives say they hope to launch additional SheepAds™ by the fall, allowing time to develop an effective pricing model for its small and medium-size business (SMBs) customers. AIS Media aims to have a training and certification program developed for its global network of partners available by this summer.

Founded in 1997, AIS Media is an award-winning provider of professional Internet solutions that empower businesses to increase revenue, reduce expenses and improve productivity. The company has developed a suite of Web-based applications under the proprietary “Excerpo” brand, which focuses on email marketing and e-commerce. AIS Media’s comprehensive suite of professional Internet services includes professional website design, application development, credit card merchant services and Internet consulting. AIS Media’s solutions are available directly and through its global network of certified partners.

AIS Media wishes you a Happy April Fool’s!

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