Automate Typing and System Commands With Instant Direct Access Abbreviations

Productivity tool Direct Access announces 1.5 version optimized for Windows Vista to eliminate more repetitive typing tasks in the workplace


Turin, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2007 --Nagarsoft announces the release of Direct Access 1.5, a new text replacement and application launch utility. With minimal system impact, Direct Access sits in the background ready to speed up your work by turning a few characters (defined ‘abbreviation’) into an instant shortcut to open applications, files, web sites or to create and fill in emails ...whatever the user requires done!

Additionally, it operates as a universal text expander and glossary allowing the user to type an abbreviation which expands automatically to type regularly used phrases such as a web address, a company name or any text of your choice.

Direct Access will prove invaluable to anyone who creates many similar documents: contracts, reports, tech support messages ...any text... allowing the typist to turn a short abbreviation into any paragraph. For example: you’re a support specialist and often have to re-type the same text content, such as company name, address, support message, etc. With Direct Access, you simply type the specific abbreviation, for instance “addr”, and the program will replace those letters with the name of the company and complete address. Therefore, Direct Access vastly expands the utility of the familiar but limited “AutoCorrect” word processor function to give global access to trigger abbreviations in all the programs you use.

Direct Access also lets you launch applications, presentations, intranet or Internet sites, open documents and files of any type. For example: while working on a document, you may need to refer to your corporate knowledge base. Pull it up instantly by typing “base” right in the document you are writing and the database will load. You assign easily remembered abbreviations of your choice to trigger the text or commands you want.

The abbreviations can be exported to Command Packs and easily shared among Direct Access users.

The new version of Direct Access has been optimized for Windows Vista and has passed strict Microsoft testing to be awarded the “Works with Windows Vista” logo.

In addition, Direct Access 1.5 has been enhanced with an easier to use interface, a new Instant Search option, the ability to launch commands and substitute text with variable content. For example, a command can launch a specific search (say in Wikipedia, Google, the Merriam-Webster dictionary) rather than a search engine’s top page. Likewise, an email can be filled in with information specific to its recipient.

Pricing and Availability
Direct Access 1.5 runs under Windows XP and Windows Vista and costs $39.95 (US) for a single user license. Licensed customers are entitled to free technical support, minor updates and considerable discounts on major upgrades. Additional information on Direct Access, including a screenshots tour and a video tutorial, as well as a free 30-day fully-functional evaluation copy is available from

About Nagarsoft
Founded in 2006 by Andrea Nagar, Nagarsoft is committed to simplifying everyday PC use creating powerful user-friendly productivity applications for home users, professionals, and businesses. The company is privately held and based in Torino, Italy.

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