A Match Made In 7

Speed Dating plus Minor League Baseball equals One Sweet Match


Westborough, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2007 -- A Match Made in 7, a Central Massachusetts based speed networking business, has introduced events to its spring and summer line-up that offer a dynamic new way for singles to mingle - speed dating events held at minor league baseball games throughout New England! The company is betting that baseball’s universal appeal and wholesome image will strike a cord with suburban singles of both sexes.

It's spring at last! “If in the spring a man's fancy turns to love and baseball, why not combine the two?” thought Paula Pogorzelski, A Match Made in 7’s Director. The concept began to take shape after she met staff of the Worcester (MA) Tornadoes last fall at a business expo. Over the winter, she worked to adapt the usual speed dating format to the structure of baseball games to produce a unique type of singles event that is part entertainment, part recreation, part adventure and pure fun.

Simultaneous to attending a week night game, those registered participate in a full speed dating event. Match rounds for these ballgame events expand from the company’s regular 7 minute format to incorporate a full inning. However, because no one knows exactly how long an inning will last, there’s an additional element of uncertainty that adds to the excitement and challenge. Newly acquainted singles may find having the backdrop of the game a great conversation starter. But they’ll need to be vigilant about making the most of their networking opportunity or an inning (and an opportunity) may slip away before they know it. Once an inning concludes, the daters will mark their score cards and move on to their next pairing.

Depending upon the game, participants can expect to meet eight or more potential singles in their match rounds as well as others whom they may meet in open social time before the game. With the exception of their ballgame setting, A Match Made in 7 runs these events like their others with regard to the company’s standard terms and conditions (which help ensure the privacy and protection of its participants), registration and payment policies, and follow-up procedures for contact information.

Singles who haven’t been to a minor league baseball game are in for a real treat. These games can deliver some serious action as major league wanna be’s strut their stuff. Minor league stadiums provide the advantage of intimate settings with virtually no bad seats. Plus they boast all the trappings of major league baseball including a wide array of food concession and souvenir items. Parking is nearby to each park and reasonably priced. Because of the value that minor league baseball offers compared to that of the majors, A Match Made in 7 is able to upgrade their standard event to incorporate the venue without having to charge a lot more for these premium events.

It’s a win-win for the company’s target audience, suburban singles 25-55, and minor league baseball. These events offer casual, affordable fun and they take place nearby to where suburban singles work or live. That saves them both time and money compared to the major leagues. “We’re not about Boston and New York,” insists Pogorzelski. “We’re about hometown New England – communities like Brockton and Bridgeport; New Britain, New Haven and Norwich.”

But she cautions teams "Playing musical chairs in the grandstands is NOT what speed dating is about." She warns them against "...slapping together some sort of novelty act and trying to pawn it off as speed dating. Why relegate this area of responsibility to an already burdened staff? You could end up undermining your effort to reach the target audience because that staff doesn't know the first thing about the business of speed dating. Place your event in the hands of a professional. This is our business - our only business. Teams who work with us get the benefit of our experience in the speed dating business and at no cost to them. We even offer them an affiliate program for their websites. That's a winning line-up."

What’s in it for the teams? When positioned correctly and run professionally these speed matchmaking events can help boost ticket sales for the sponsor teams in three ways. First, A Match Made in 7 buys blocks of tickets from participating teams to cover attendance at all their speed dating events. Second, the events expand the fan base and ticket sales via couples who meet at these events (and return to these same ballparks as they begin to date) as well as other singles who return simply in positive response to the minor league experience. Pogorzelski encourages the teams to use these events to promote ticket sales to her audience. Third, A Match Made in 7’s networking format paired with the informal and affordable minor league ballpark setting can be re-marketed to meet the needs of companies, organizations, conventions and special events of all sorts.

Teams which will host the speed networking events at selected home games this season include the following: Bridgeport Bluefish (Bridgeport CT), Brockton Rox (Brockton MA), New Britain Rocks Cats (New Britain CT), New Haven County Cutters (New Haven CT), Connecticut Defenders (Norwich CT) and Worcester Tornadoes (Worcester MA). Discussions are currently underway with several other New England teams as well. For more information about A Match Made in 7, its singles events and business networking services, contact Paula Pogorzelski or visit http://www.amatchmadein7.com.