Used Stuff Inc. and “Over One Million Served” (Per Day)


Ottawa, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2007 -- Free classifieds ads websites affiliated with the network served over one million pages on Monday marking a milestone in the company's growth across Canada.

The traffic as measured by Google tipped the scales at 1,015,933 pages served.

“This time last year we were serving about a quarter of a million pages per day so I'm very pleased with the 400% growth over the past year”, says Don Barthel, president of

“The big news is how the whole business of providing services online has been exploding.”

Offering searchable classified ads all over Canada, including photos of the items for sale at no cost to the user, can make these services available for free because unlike traditional media, distribution costs are almost non-existent.

The way the Internet is designed means that printing, transcription (typing) and distribution costs are virtually wiped out (no pun intended). The fact that most Canadians have a personal computer at home or at work and have access to the Internet, means that most of these costs are in essence, already paid.

On-line buying and selling on also offers users a host of accessible advantages. For example, users are able to see their ads on the site within minutes of posting. And just as quickly, they can be removed once the item is sold- that's something that traditional media cannot accomplish with the lead times they require.

The searchability function of the Internet is also key in allowing prospective buyers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, without ever having to turn on their cars or leave home.

Apart from these advantages, one of the biggest is the green appeal of Internet business use. Unlike traditional print media for example, trees aren’t required as in making paper pulp, therefore still leaving forests intact. Chlorine isn’t needed to bleach any paper thereby leaving our water dioxin-free. And fossil fuels aren’t used in the distribution as is the case with a paper publication, which helps with Canada's Kyoto greenhouse gas reduction commitment.

Another upside to this kind of business model is that a host of businesses and individuals or families can enlist the free services of and assemble their own online store or garage sale in minutes. While saving the planet from more land-fill fodder, users also get to connect with their neighbours, clean up their surroundings and even make a loony or two - and that’s good business for everyone!