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Agnitum Unleashes New Spam Terrier -- For Free


San Jose, CA., and St. Petersburg, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2007 -- The computer security experts at Agnitum Ltd. today unleashed Spam Terrier, which protects users of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express from spam.

The software is free.

“Are you sick and tired of email offers for generic sex drugs and replica watches, profile updates from ‘Paypal’ and security and unpaid item reminders from “eBay” that demand your passwords, Nigerian bank scams, the millions of dollars liberated from Iraq by “men who prefer privacy” – and the fortune you won in yet another lottery, even though you have absolutely no recollection of ever traveling to Spamistan to buy a ticket?

“Spam Terrier is your new best friend,” said Mikhail Penkovsky, global vice-president for Marketing and Sales at Agnitum. “Research indicates that 90 percent of all email is junk you don’t need or want. Don't just accept this as an unfortunate fact of life. Spam is dangerous. Spam wastes your time. Spam invades your life and your privacy. Spam infects your computer with Spyware and Trojans that steal your identity.

Spam Terrier’s pedigree traces back to the team that develops Outpost Firewall Pro (, award-winning software that provides home, small office and mobile users with powerful protection against Spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, hackers, identity theft, wireless network hijacking and other security threats. Agnitum also licenses its firewall ( technologies globally to Novell, Sophos, Lavasoft, Bullguard and CAT, among others.

Who says anti-spam software has to be difficult to use and complex? Spam Terrier features a friendly, easy-to-user interface with convenient, intuitive controls. With built-in heuristics-based anti-spam tools, it collars junk email by training itself. As a user selects what he or she considers spam, Spam Terrier “learns” to identify behavior patterns of spam, instead of relying on users to block specific keywords and phrases.

The more you train Spam Terrier, the better its nose gets for inappropriate email. It remembers “spam scores” that classify a message as “not spam,” “probable spam” or “definite spam.” Accuracy increases over time.

“Spam Terrier is a smart assistant that bites into unwanted correspondence,” said Penkovsky. “It saves you time and inbox space. It defends against malicious and fraudulent messages, identifies messages from friends and peers, and defines white and black lists.”

Download Spam Terrier here:

The software supports multiple email accounts in both Outlook and Outlook Express. It is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

About Agnitum
Founded in 1999, Agnitum Ltd. ( is committed to delivering and supporting high-quality, easy to use security software. The company’s products are Outpost Firewall Pro (, securing personal and family desktops; Outpost Network Security (, ensuring reliable endpoint protection and performance for small business networks; Outpost Security Suite Pro (, providing all-in-one protection from Internet threats; and Spam Terrier, an anti-spam tool that plugs into Outlook and Outlook Express.