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Functional Innovations Announces Launch Of The P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System

P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System Allows Everyone To Achieve Better Balance And Posture


Longmont, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2007 -- Functional Innovations, LLC announces the launch of the P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System that’s engineered to improve both balance and posture for an active lifestyle. Designed by Todd Langer, CEO of Functional Innovations and a leading health and fitness specialist, the P.A.S.T.™ System (Posture, Agility, Strength, and Total Body Integration) comprises of two dynamic balance boards with a unique fixed center of axis that stimulate your natural postural reflexes; which in turn transfers to real-life improvement in how you look and feel.

Although often overlooked by many fitness enthusiasts; good posture and balance is essential in building functional strength and living a pain-free life. Over the years many of the popular fitness trends were overly concerned with creating a good physique, but didn’t take into consideration the importance of standing balance and posture and unfortunately this often led to an increase in injuries and pain. Langer, himself suffered from disabling low back pain including slipped discs and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and seeking a cure developed the P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System.

“I knew that there had to be an answer for not just my back pain, but the overall body aches and pains that I suffered,” said Langer. “My pursuit for an answer became a lifelong journey and led me to develop the P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System and in doing so I’m now able to help others as well.”

Weighing just over 5 pounds, the equipment is durable and compact, enabling users to train practically anywhere and it’s become a favorite accessory to many a busy traveler. The P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System includes attachable exercise cords and ergonomically designed pushup handles that reduce the strain on the wrists, plus rotate and wobble. The equipment allows for a wide range of exercises aimed at improving balance, posture, and total body coordination. To ensure your success the company website also provides useful content and easy to follow instructional videos. The P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System retails for $119.95 online or at select retail outlets.

The P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System has been endorsed by the American Academy Musculoskeletal Medicine and has rave reviews by users across the country. Additional information on the P.A.S.T.™ Exercise System and Functional Innovations, LLC may be obtained at