Audioscope Recordings

Female Audio Engineer to the Stars, Robin Mays, Prepares Her Debut Release and She’s Not Holding Anything Back


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2007 -- Atlanta engineer and producer, Robin Mays, is releasing her debut singles “Push It” and “Real” on Audioscope Recordings. Her upcoming album “ELEMENT114: A Social Experiment”, promises to be thought provoking and controversial.

With recordings credits on artists like Too Short, Lil Jon, Scarface, Trick Daddy, E-40, Daz, Dallas Austin and more, Robin Mays has focused her years on experience in the music industry on herself. In a recent interview, Ms. Mays says she’s been planning this album for about 10 years and it’s the most exciting project she’s worked on. Ms. Mays is also quoted as saying, “before I’ve always had a limited amount of input that I could contribute to a project and for a while, I was happy with that. Now I have all the input and it’s given me a whole new source of energy.”

Referred to as “dope as f&@k” by Murder Dog Magazine, she is accustomed to getting down and dirty on the production as well as the rhymes.

Her first singles “Push It” and “Real” are both hard hitting songs with lots of southern attitude. “Push It” is a up tempo, psychological journey from the streets to doing what's right. “Real” is a slow, grinding song about doing what you have to to live the life you were born to live.

With vocals unlike any of the female hip hop artist before, her street style is a must hear. Both “Real” and her second single “Push Itl” are available for download for only $.60 each on Myspace at The instrumentals are also available for download. The release of both singles are the beginning of a major online marketing campaign announced by her label.