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Packet Analyzer CAPSA: Handy Tool for Network Troubleshooting, Network Usage and Performance Monitoring


Saratoga, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2007 -- Packet Analyzer CAPSA, a popular network traffic monitoring and troubleshooting tool, has just released the new version 6.4. Packet Analyzer CAPSA provides powerful features that are competitive with the leading network analyzers but at a fraction of the cost. Comprehensive statistics, reports and graphic views allow users to understand network usage, performance and operation quickly. With its very easy to use interface, Packet Analyzer CAPSA allows user to master it in minutes.

Network Packet Analyzer is a comprehensive and affordable solution for the following problems:

Troubleshooting network and application problems;

Debugging new applications with network communications involved;

Monitoring network traffic for performance, bandwidth usage, and security reasons;

Analyzing network traffic to trace specific transactions or find security breaches;

Monitor user Internet access, email communication and other transactions to enforce company policies;

Log important communications such as emails, web access, downloads, for forensic analysis of user behaviors;

Generate and view reports in tables and charts on network usage and statistics for network performance review and planning, network auditing and many other purposes.

Since 2002, this tool has helped many companies and professionals to solve their network problems, optimize their network performance, increase network availability and protect their network resources. The following are some comments that we have received from our customers.

"We use this tool to find out who is sending out spam, who is using the most network bandwidth and who is causing denial of service in our network. It works great!"

"We are using a few types of sniffing instrument on my network. Javvin Packet Analyzer CAPSA only costs us a fraction of other products and takes no time to learn. I highly recommend it to my colleagues."

"I use the network Packet Analyzer CAPSA to monitor all the network traffic of my company: emails, Internet access, transactions and bandwidth usage. I have a complete visibility of the network usage: who is doing what and how the company network resources are used."

The Packet Analyzer demo version is free to download on Javvin's web site: http://www.javvin.com.

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