DedicatedServerCity Targets Self-Managed Dedicated Server Market

DedicatedServerCity refocuses its direction on the growing self-managed dedicated server market.


Natick, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2007 -- DedicatedServerCity, a division of InetServices, LLC, released a new version of its website to better target the self-managed dedicated server market. The new website adds a lot of features to make it easier for customers to buy/upgrade custom packages and services. Furthermore, DedicatedServerCity made a bold change in direction to offer self-managed servers that require NO LONG TREM COMMITMENT.

During 2006, DedicatedServerCity experienced exceptional growth in the dedicated server market. While our growth exceeded our initial sales forecasts for the year, the company found a majority of our customers requesting self-managed servers on a month-to-month contract. To accommodate the change from annual contract to a month-to-month contract service, our customers were willing to have our Customer Support charge on a per incident basis. DedicatedServerCity now charges a nominal fee of $15 per trouble ticket.

After making these changes in January 2007, DedicatedServerCity has seen an amazing 40% increase in sales during the first quarter of the year.

About DedicatedServerCity:
DedicatedServerCity, a division of InetServices, LLC, provides reliable, cost-effective self-managed servers to business all around the world. Built on the principal of providing reliable, cost-effective self-managed servers as a separate division for InetServices, LLC allows DedicatedServerCity the ability to provide powerful servers, first-class customer support, and fast and reliable bandwidth at an affordable price. With DedicatedServerCity there are no long term contracts. All of our services are on a Month-to-Month basis so you can decide how long you want to use them. For more information, visit or call 800-778-9904.

About InetServices:
InetServices is a fast growing hosting service provider which offers a full compliment of services including Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers, Managed Colocation, and much more. The company focus is small and mid-sized businesses that require high reliability, security, and 24 / 7 support, but don't have the budget of a large enterprise. InetServices offer a variety of web hosting, dedicated servers, and managed colocation packages to choose from with plenty of features and options designed around meeting your specific needs. For more information, visit or call 800-545-4194.

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